August 2013

Understanding Facebook's New Promotion Guidelines

Map it!

Richard Jones, CEO at EngageSciences, talks us through the recent changes to Facebook's promotion guidelines. While at first glance it seems that you might have to take an awful lot of sour with the sweet, EngageSciences have a solution...

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YouTube by the Numbers

Get in the know on YouTube

With Social Media Week London fast approaching, the team at LimeTree have been taking stock on the media platforms and online features which have, imperceptibly, become central to our online experiences.  

After much consideration (there are an awful lot of options for us to choose from, after all) we concluded that YouTube, the video sharing website which has become synonymous with online streaming, is a website fully deserving of a closer look.

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What the Tide Told Us

Peter Fry 3SS


Unique Digital and Syzygy devised a world-first cross-media art installation as their contribution to the "Duchamp in Herne Bay" festival. An homage to the master of reappropriation, "Human Tide" aimed to extend the influence of Marcel Duchamp into the data-rich 21st century. Whilst not exactly the relaxing visit to the Kentish seaside he'd imagined, Matthew Sykes found much to love about the experience.

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Spotlight: SMWLDN HQ

Covent Garden

Social Media Week London doesn’t so much expect the unexpected as openly encourage it. Operating under the theme of “Open & Connected”, SMWLDN 2013 features a suitably diverse schedule of over 200 events. You could easily lose yourself amongst it all, so we thought we’d better offer a guide.

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Getting Social Media Right

Get it RIGHT

I will spare you a long introduction about how many companies use social these days, and how good it can be for them. We know all that.

Instead, I'd like to talk about how it's not enough to just be 'on' social media.

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Make the Most of a Social Event

Stay Connected

Any event is an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand or organisation and grow its social media presence.

This weekend I joined one of my clients, @LUAAOfficial and their sister company @UrbanArtsExp, at the Lollibop Festival in Stratford. While I couldn’t claim to share their appreciation of “Rastamouse” (yet...) I did spot three ways that you can harness the power of social media and events.

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Career Ye! Chinwag Announce Careers Day at SMWLDN 2013

Careers Day

Chinwag is pleased to announce the triumphant return of the highly successful Careers Day (Fri 27 Sep). Running in conjunction with Social Media Week London 2013, it's an opportunity for job seekers and employers to meet on an even playing field. Get your tickets now.

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Win One of Five Tickets to BCC International Trade Conference (17 Oct)

WIN: Tickets to BCC Conference

This year's British Chambers of Commerce International Trade Conference, "Exporting is Good for Britain: Driving International Growth", will bring together high growth exporters, SMEs, business leaders and leading policy makers, and we're giving away 5 pairs of tickets to the event (worth £100 each).

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Spite vs Spirit In Social Media

Stop Sign

The death of Hannah Smith, a young girl apparently driven to suicide by anonymous bullying on, is the latest tragedy in a list of ‘Deaths Caused by Social Media’.

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What The New Flickr Redesign Taught Us

New Flickr Design

It was a long time coming, but photo sharing website Flickr finally unveiled a new look. But for a brand that grew from developing a loyal community, it has been divisive.

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