Social Media Relations

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Wed 23 May, 2012 from 9:00am - 5:00pm
Chartered Institute of Public Relations
52-53 Russell Square, London
Cost: CIPR member rate £260.00 ex VAT. Non-Member rate £400.00 ex VAT


Social networking platforms have become a mainstream channel for people to engage with each other. Facebook and Twitter are tools that we use to update people on our likes, dislikes and the situations that we are in and locations we are at.
Independent research confirms that 'people spend five times more time on a social networking site than a news site.'

Today people get their breaking news from the online communities that they have developed. News outlets are adapting how they research, report and promote news and content. More journalists are on social networking platforms than ever before, using them to research stories, engage with their audiences and promote content to them. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google are some of the tools that they use in their work, allowing PRs to better engage with those in media relations.

This workshop will provide practical insight into how journalists and news outlets use social media for their work and how public relations and communications professionals can engage with them on these platforms.

Look at the changing media landscape
Provide insight into how newsrooms use social media in their journalism
Provide insight into Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google
Highlight best practice for online newsrooms.
CIPR-approved trainer: Julio Romo.


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