Social Media Week London

Social Media Week LondonSocial Media Week returns to London 23-27 September 2013, joining a host of other cities across the world in a hectic week of panel discussions, presentations, meetups and loads more. 

Event submissions are now open, get involved as a speaker, smwatchinwag [dot] com (volunteer) or find out about smwatchinwag [dot] com (sponsorshop opportunities).

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Want to take your business global? Find out how how to use social media, online communities and collaborative tools can help build your company’s international business. Hear from international experts, case studies & quiz UKTI, Nokia, Hailo, the FT and more. Plus a free networking lunch and time for one-to-one Q&A.
Join us for the SMWLDN Global Keynote, a fireside chat with Alex Balfour, the at the centre of the digital delivery of the massively successful London Olympics and Paralympics Games. Opening this Sep’s Social Media Week and hear about the trials, tribulations and successes behind the digital success of the games.
McKinsey Global Institute principal Michael Chui discusses the potential value in using social tools to enhance communications, knowledge sharing, and collaboration within and across enterprises. He'll be joined by an expert panel who'll reflect and discuss the dramatic changes 'social' is making inside the enterprise.
The rise of social media and social technology has demonstrated its power to revolutionise industries. In a very literal sense, the power to connect and collaborate is quite literally changing the world. Mobile technology and social networks enable groups to self-organise campaigns to gain worldwide momentum.
Join us for a very exclusive breakfast and brunch to discuss the latest experiments and techniques from the masters of behavrioural economics – and how as digital natives, we can leverage these to take over the world.
The explosion of social has been tremendous, as Facebook closes in on one billion consumers and Twitter approaches 200 million, not to mention emerging platforms like Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. Join experts from Oracle, Maersk, MediaCom, We Are Social, Starcom, IPC and Luxury Hotels of the World and find out more...
#SMWLDN Families in the UK spend around £187B a year yet not much is known about the complicated decision making dynamic that goes into how that money is spent. This session will look at who in the family makes what decisions, how the members of the family influence each other and what role social media plays in inter-family communications.
Facebook approaches its 1 Billionth user while under the spotlight as never before. A few years ago Facebook was one of many social networks. Now it’s the world’s most important social media platform. On Tuesday at 9am in Unruly, our panel will discuss Facebook’s future.
The food business is in a constant state of flux whether it’s the rush for Michelin stars or shiny food trucks or the latest pop up restaurant. Its marketing is no exception...
Did you know that on average you need to connect with prospective customers seven times before they actually buy from you? That’s an expensive way for you to grow your business. What if we told you that there was another way?
Did you know that on average you need to connect with prospective customers 7 times before they actually buy? That’s an expensive way to grow business. What if we told you that there was another way? Sound interesting? Then join us and we’ll take you through how to create your own Engagement Marketing plan and turn your customers into your fans.
The Oracle one-to-one Social Surgery sessions will run from 12pm-1pm. They will give organisations the opportunity for one-to-one social media health checks with leading Oracle's team of social strategy experts.
After selling-out tickets for this event on Tuesday, we're happy to announce that we will hold it again at Facebook Headquarters on Wednesday 26th September. However, this time, we have some new speakers to give additional insights and strategies for proving the success of social marketing within your organisation.
#SMWLDN Kids are inherently social and are very active on many social media platforms; therefore they are a hugely important part of the social media landscape. This discussion will focus on what kids are doing on networking sites, how and why they are so engaged with each other and the platforms, and look at the psychology behind these behaviours.
Digital media has gone through more revolutions in the last decade than other forms of media have experienced across their lifetimes. From web 2.0 to commoditisation of display advertising to sweeping changes of social media. How do the world's leading digital strategists handle the brand challenges? Join our expert panel for this discussion.
How has social media changed the way brands approach CSR and sustainability initiatives and what will the future hold? What challenges and opportunities to brands face as they use new methods? Our panel will include brand marketers and experts who have seen the potential, join the discussion...
If you’re a writer, editor, blogger, videographer, designer, producer or otherwise involved in the creation of cool stuff online then you need to come along to Content Creation Collective: Secrets behind social content on 26th September aboard the HMS President (1918), in association with Social Media Week.
When Facebook unveiled Open Graph and made it possible for apps to automatically share what you’re listening to, watching or reading, it divided opinion. “Frictionless sharing” is a great way to discover new stuff from friends but some think it’s Too Much Information. Come along and join the debate...
Are you unsure which combination of Pins, Tweets and Likes will give your small business a bang for its buck? It’s a conundrum that’s facing many owners as they fight to juggle the time spent between marketing their business and actually running it.
Are you unsure which combination of Pins, Tweets and Likes will give your small business a bang for its buck? Register today, come along and don’t forget to come along with your questions, thoughts and challenges. Our panel is waiting to help you navigate the right mix of social ingredients.
Hundreds of graduates, jobs seekers and experienced workers looking for that next challenge will be flocking to the Careers Day to meet the likes of Nokia, Financial Times, Imagination, Tempero, News International and more, so don't miss out. REGISTER NOW - it's free!

Welcome to Social Media Week. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Hot on the heels of the immensely successful Social Media Week September, we at Social Media Week are pleased to announce our next global conference, scheduled to be held this February 7-11, 2011.

The next iteration of Social Media Week will take place simultaneously in New York,London, San Francisco, Toronto, São Paulo, Paris, and Rome, with more cities to be added in the next couple weeks. The first five are all returning cities from February 2010 and Paris and Rome are new additions to the community.

Social Media Week has quickly become one of the world’s most unique conferences, providing a global perspective on emerging trends in social & mobile media.  In 2010, New York-based organizers Crowdcentric hosted over 450 individual events in eleven cities, reaching more than 18,000 attendees with over 200,000 users connecting through the online and mobile experience, generating millions of impressions throughout the social web.

Unlike many traditional conferences, Social Media Week strives to maintain a model where free access to content, programming and events is made possible by support from brand partners including PepsiCoVodafoneNokiaMeebo and

“Over ninety percent of our content and programming is free and accessible to all attendees”, said Toby Daniels, CEO of Crowdcentric and Founder & Executive Director of Social Media Week.  “We believe that access to high-quality learning experiences, business networking and buyer /seller market places should not be exclusive to a limited number of executives and organizations that can afford it.”

The driving force behind Social Media Week in each respective city is the local city partners.  In Toronto, Entrinsic will be returning to produce Social Media Week for the second time.  Chinwag will be leading the effort in London.  São Paulo-based SixPix Content will produce the Brazilian conference.  Social Media Week San Francisco will be co-produced Swirl Integrated Marketing and Social Media Club, and La Netscouade will lead in Paris.

Paris city partner Benoît Thieulin said, “The opportunities to sit together for a moment and think collectively how social media will transform and further our relationships with the world (ourselves, the media, brands, institutions) are still rare.  It was natural to La Netscouade, as a leading social media agency, to step up and take care of introducing this global event to Paris and its flowering of initiatives on the social web.”

Milan-based Augmendy, producers of Social Media Week Milan, will also be bringing the experience to Rome.  Augmendy leads Marco Montemagno and Marco Antonio Masierisaid, “We are absolutely delighted that Social Media Week Milan was such a success.  Over 5,000 people attended our ninety events during the week, with 20,000 more people visiting our headquarters, proving that 2010 is the tipping point for growth and development in the Italian web world.  We’re looking forward to an even bigger event in Rome in February.”

Beyond the Crowdcentric organizers and regional city partners, Social Media Week is made possible through its framework of globally connected organizations and individuals who contribute a significant amount to the programming of the conference.  If you or your organization would like to get involved as a city partner, event organizer, host, speaker or brand partner, please go here! Or, if you are a brand looking to reach a global audience of hyper-social influencers, either locally or globally, please contact Ben Scheim by email at benatcrowdcentric [dot] net for more information.

Stay tuned for more exciting information about Social Media Week February 2011!

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