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Subject: UKNM: Fighting for marketing spend on a small time medium
From: Kirsty Race
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 17:17:13 GMT

Hey Janet!!

Didn't know you were on this list!

I definitely think that bravery in the face of resistance to spending enough
on new media is worth a mention...trouble is how would we measure that?!!
You online marketing managers are the unsung heroes...

I agree with Peter in his post about Toys R Us; these companies are wasting
what little money they are spending by not doing the job properly in the
first place.

It's like spending 100,000 pounds on two weeks of posters nationally -
that's 100,000 COMPLETELY wasted, whereas if they'd spent double that, they
would have actually made money from their venture instead of just chucking
it down the drain.

Lipservice has ever been a waste of time in the long-run, wherever it is
being paid.

So if Millennium want to achieve visible results, they've got to spend
visible amounts...dontcha think?!


Kirsty Race
Media Planner/Buyer
Walker Media
0171 447 7513

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