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Subject: UKNM: lastminute.com does delight its customers!
From: Brent Hoberman
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 16:07:47 GMT

As I have read with interest the comments on lastminute.com, I thought I
should respond as the managing director of lastminute.com.

The issues relate to product offering, flight fulfillment and customer

1) Product offering. Our range, depth and ability to sell our products and
delight both customers and suppliers grow exponentially every month! Its
very exciting and rewarding to see suppliers reactions and surprise at how
much product we can shift for them at short notice. We clearly fulfil a
role for them that no one else can do. Even more rewarding is to see the
steady stream of emails from customers who are thrilled with the service.
Whether we have saved their honeymoon, millenium eve, anniversary, theatre
evening, date, parents evening, valentine - we clearly enable people to be
spontaneous and help them live their dreams at unbeatable prices. So no
hype here!

2) Flight fulfillment. We have the best last minute flight fulfilment
service of any company that I know of. Did anyone try and find out where
they could order a flight for new years eve - on new years eve or even on
Xmas day - we had a very dedicated customer service team coping with an
unprecedented flood of customers at this time. Other sites were not
fulfilling over this period. They simply closed up! So no hype here!

Regarding having to pay to have a ticket delivered on the day - one customer
had to pay for a courrier for same day delivery. If airlines dont allow
tickets on departure or etickets then this is the only option open to any
company. It is a measure of our commitment to lastminute delivery that we
offer this service to our customers whereas others dont!
If anyone has any great suggestions on how to do this better we would love
to hear from them! We have a fantastic team of bright dedicated people and
are constantly striving to offer the best service anywhere to all our
customers - so we welcome CONSTRUCTIVE criticism!

3) Customer service

I very much regret that one potential customer had a bad experience! We do
everything we can to delight our customers and happily we do a very good job
at that.
With our same day delivery service on Christmas Eve for example we had a
complaint rate of less than 1in every 1000 ! still a bit too high for my
liking. But I am sure everyone involved in New Media Marketing would admire
the fact that we were the ONLY company the UK offering same day fulfillment
in the Xmas rush and this service really demonstrated how ecommerce
companies can delight their customers.
Our email and customer service team have grown significantly and really do
excel in providing first class customer service. We normally respond to
email within 2 hours and phone calls with 1 minute. If there is an
unprecedented peak in demand then we may not be able to do this for very
short periods of time. However we have put processes in place that will
increasingly enable us to offer even better customer service. Its an area
that we take very seriously and really go out of our way to ensure that all
customers have a great lastminute.com experience. So no hype here!

In light of all the very real steps that lastminute.com is making to provide
a world class service and help the UK ecommerce industry become a global
force. I feel it is worthwhile making the above points.

We very much appreciate constructive criticism - but are also very aware
that favourable press coverage will only encourage negative comments. This
is why we work even harder to ensure there are no chinks in our armour and
that no one has any cause to complain. lastminute.com had a fantastic 1999
because it offers both customers and suppliers a great service. There is no
hype in our office only a very real focus on results!

Brent Hoberman
Co-founder and Managing Director
Last Minute Network
4th Floor
Park House
116 Park Street
London W1Y

The first place to look at the last minute!

email : brentatlastminute [dot] com

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