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Subject: UKNM: Re: UKNM Digest V1 #218
From: Tom Hume
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 00:40:37 +0100

On Tue, 13 Jul 1999, UKNM Digest wrote:

> Which brings us on to the question of location, remote working and
> telecommunting. Lots of people live in Brighton and work in London or the
> surrounds. How can anyone bear a 2 hour commute?

Having lived in London, 30 minutes from the office, then moved back to
Brighton, I can assure you that a 2 hour commute is *very* bearable :)

> reduce cost
> reduce stress
> more efficient
> saves travel / avoids pollution
> more time for leisure
> etc. etc.

Savings on office space and facilities for employers, too. How many NM
workers *don't* have a PC at home already?

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