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Subject: UKNM: Flash - saviour of the Universe???
From: John Braithwaite
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1999 13:24:34 +0100


My email was not just a response to yours and yours wasn't the
first to raise some issues about graphics v. speed. The 'Mars' was less
to do with living on this planet, but more to do with a certain
successful book about men and women.

I think that your email makes a lot of sense too and, between
your view and mine, there is little difference. The graphical issue is
one that will not go away - I mean, would a good creative say to his/her
website producer: "I think we need less graphics and more text and every
box or line should have a square edge"? NO, and that's not really a
creative's job. They want to do fun stuff that looks cool and gives them
a good 'portfolio'.

It is (and always comes down to) a battle between graphics and
speed - I prefer speed with a nod towards graphics, but that is because
I am producing an ecommerce site with content and I don't want 'my'
customers tutting and checking their timepieces every time they click a

Because the site I am producing is yet to be launched - I can
safely say that it will probably be re-deisgned within the following 6
months... I hope it will too as I am still not entirely happy with the
end 'feel' of the site. Roll on next year....


John B

[John Braithwaite] Dorian's email:
> In response to John Braithwaite
> My initial e-mail was not meant to be a rant, things seemed to plunge
> to the
> depths very quickly.
> I am actually writing in this time in support (mainly) of what you
> say. The
> point that I had originally tried to put across (slightly vehemently,
> slightly humorously) was that this list does sometimes suffer from a
> bias
> towards the graphical end of the market. A world without Flash and
> various
> other apps would be very boring indeed but only where it is
> applicable, as
> you say.
> I have certainly not tried to "puff out my chest". I'm not from Mars,
> although sometimes it feels like it! I lay no claim to tnm being the
> best
> e-commerce developer in the world. However, I do care about what my
> clients
> get for their money (I don't publish my list of clients, Neil, because
> I
> don't choose to) and also about the fact that some companies are being
> sold
> solutions that are mis-matched to their requirements.
> A site that utilises Flash discreetly to enhance the business messages
> being
> put across is a great deal better for it but as you say, a site that
> utilises flash alone, I would say in the majority (note- majority, not
> all)
> of cases, is not doing justice to the power of the web. This is, after
> all,
> the UK Net Marketing list and marketing is a word that is often
> misused.
> Should marketing not be a way of creating interest in a product or
> service
> and driving it towards a sales channel. If it is possible to place the
> sales
> channel alongside the marketing messages online, is this not more
> desirable
> (in most cases, I know there are exceptions) than driving someone to a
> phone
> number or retail outlet on the high street?
> That's all I wanted to say
> Cheers
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  Re: UKNM: Flash - saviour of the Univers, Clay Shirky

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