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Subject: RE: UKNM: A consumer's tale.
From: Anil Pillai
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 11:23:11 +0100

I agree entirely with your points Cosmo, and in fact there is a summary in
this weeks New Media Age Trend Focus about poor customer service being a
real turn-off to potential and existing net shoppers like yourself.

Rubin Inc did a study "Evaluating the sticky factor of E-commerce sites" and
the findings are quite worrying. Poor communication/after-sales customer
service and support are cited as common problems for retail sites. They
polled 50 leading e-commerce sites, and found only 16% sent a follow-up
email to the customer after money was taken. Its a great great shame that
these selling sites are being built without thought to the most obvious and
basic issues to do with selling - building consumer trust and loyalty. One
of the best aspects of the selling on the Internet is that there is a real
opportunity to use technology to enhance the user experience, to help the
user shop, to maintain effective customer service. And yet the most common
points are still being overlooked. I hope these first generation E-commerce
sites will improve and that others who come on board learn from these
mistakes, especially if net commerce is supposed to become as huge as we are
told it will be.

With regards to boo.com, one life lost for being late, another for
alienating the users they should be targeting? sounds like $125m well spent!



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Subject: UKNM: A consumer's tale.

I am a lawyer who keeps a close eye on developments in net marketing both as
a professional and as a consumer. As the latter I am a prime example of the
type of customer that net retailers should most value: long working hours
with little opportunity to get to conventional retailers, disposable income
and unrestricted on-line access. I shop fequently on the net.

As a result, I thought it might be useful to share my experiences as a
consumer with participants of a forum such as this. I have a number of

* please remember that 40% of net users (myself included) have
restricted shockwave capablilities due to operating from behind a firewall.
Ensure that you provide a basic no-shock version of the site for such users.
The prime example of this is Boo.com. All that money, all that hype and
they put an unaccessible flash item on the pre launch intro page. Pathetic

* never, ever shop at iMVS. To retain customer loyalty it is
absolutely vital that customer service is personal and second to none.
Experiences with amazon and audiostreet re: music shopping have been a
pleasure. With iMVS a nightmare. Dds did not arrive. On emailing the
support department all I got was an automated reply, if anything. I finally
resolved the problems by faxing the manging directors of the company
directly (having retrieved their names from an on line database), and even
then response was slow and inadequate. The rest of the community should
watch out for operators like this. A quick check with some of the 3,000
colleagues in my office, all of whom have on line access led to frequent
poor reports on iMVS.

One bad experience does more to damage the confidence of the user in
other sites than any fears about security. When you are putting
faith in a computer order, it is vital for peace of mind that it is
fulfilled quickly, or that you are provided with a full and frequent

Kind Regards

Cosmo Roe


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