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Subject: Re: UKNM: RE: UKNM Digest V1 #220
From: Jamie Unwin
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 09:31:30 +0100

LOL !!!

Are you being serious....

People buy clothes because they can try them on a Flash mannequin...

That has got to be the lamest excuse for using a plug-in I have ever heard.

>Cosmo Roe wrote;
>"* please remember that 40% of net users (myself included) have
>restricted shockwave capablilities due to operating from behind a firewall.
>Ensure that you provide a basic no-shock version of the site for such users.
>The prime example of this is Boo.com. All that money, all that hype and
>they put an unaccessible flash item on the pre launch intro page. Pathetic
>Actually, we put in an enormous amount of research on this issue,
>Using Flash is a trade-off . . .however, we're using Flash not "for effect"
>but to give our customers some serious "value-add" features. Selling
>clothing on the web is hard to do effectively, mainly due to the customer's
>inability to try the clothes on, or gain a real-world impression of the
>clothing. Go to some clothes sites. You might get a gif - which you might be
>able to enlarge by clicking on it if you're really lucky.
>We are using Flash to allow customers to try combinations of clothes on a
>mannequin, and revolve it fully, to gain an impression of how they fit
>together on a realistic body (ever had that sinking feeling as your
>mail-order t shirt hits your knees?), do a full 3-d spin of objects like
>trainers (go round to a friend's house and check out the 3-d spin!) and zoom
>in to see detail on items. Add to this the huge amount of detail we'll be
>providing on our lines, and it's a large step forward. We used Flash for
>these features because it's the most accessible technology available to do
>this properly. It also helps make the rest of the site look pretty
>Non-Flash enabled browsers are *rapidly* becoming the exception - few people
>(and certainly not 40%) are incapable of downloading flash, although I do
>accept that people at work in companies with very strict IT policies won't
>have the option of downloading the plug in if they're using an old, and
>company-specified browser. Yes, a few people won't be able to use our launch
>site and we realise that and have calculated for that, but the vast majority
>will get serious benefit from our Flash-enabled features. And this group
>will grow as people bin old browsers, and more come online with new
>computers or new ISPs (or Clifford Chance replace their desktops).
>You'll be glad to know however, that we do also use Flash to include a
>lovely swirly logo, but it does stay bang centre in the middle of the
>screen, no swooping :-)
>Now back to work,
>Ian Tester, Knowledge Management - boo.com
>boo.com Group Ltd. 5-7 Carnaby Street, London W1V 1PG
>T + 44(20) 7950 2438 F +44(20) 7950 0951 M +44(7880) 557692 E
>ian [dot] testeratuk [dot] boo [dot] com

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