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Subject: RE: UKNM: A consumer's tale.
From: azeem azhar, lists
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 09:52:32 +0100

At 1:31 pm +0100 16/7/99, Anil Pillai wrote:
>I agree entirely with your points Cosmo, and in fact there is a summary in
>this weeks New Media Age Trend Focus about poor customer service being a
>real turn-off to potential and existing net shoppers like yourself.
>Rubin Inc did a study "Evaluating the sticky factor of E-commerce sites" and
>the findings are quite worrying. Poor communication/after-sales customer
>service and support are cited as common problems for retail sites. They
>polled 50 leading e-commerce sites, and found only 16% sent a follow-up
>email to the customer after money was taken. Its a great great shame that
etc. etc...

BT still have not responded to my e-mail of 28 May, viz:

At 11:39 pm +0100 16/6/99, azeem azhar, lists wrote:
>Continuing my current bug bear with large corporations trying to get the
>net; viz BT phone net.
>I sent a feedback message via their Web site on the 28 May.
>Today (jun 16th) I got an acknowledgement that they had received it and it
>was in the queue.
>Is 19 days good enough for an acknowledgement?
>What kind of standards are commerce site builders insisting on for customer
>services? (automated and human)


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  RE: UKNM: A consumer's tale., Anil Pillai

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