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Subject: RE: UKNM: A consumer's tale.
From: Wallace, Darren
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 09:52:37 +0100

It sounds like you were very unlucky, Cosmo.

IMVS (now known as Yalplay) are one of Ginger's ecommerce partners, and
whilst I'm not suggesting that this is any kind of excuse, for the record
I'm not aware of any complaints from our customers.



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Subject: UKNM: A consumer's tale.

* never, ever shop at iMVS. To retain customer loyalty it is
absolutely vital that customer service is personal and second to none.
Experiences with amazon and audiostreet re: music shopping have been a
pleasure. With iMVS a nightmare. Dds did not arrive. On emailing the
support department all I got was an automated reply, if anything. I finally
resolved the problems by faxing the manging directors of the company
directly (having retrieved their names from an on line database), and even
then response was slow and inadequate. The rest of the community should
watch out for operators like this. A quick check with some of the 3,000
colleagues in my office, all of whom have on line access led to frequent
poor reports on iMVS.

Cosmo Roe
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