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Subject: Re: UKNM: Worst website sins
From: Ray Taylor
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 10:28:33 +0100

Jo Chipchase <joatcan-u-hack-it [dot] com> asked:

>I'm writing a feature on "The Worst Website Sins" for Internet Money (a new
>title aimed at small businesses).

Worse one in my book is not promoting/advertising the site. It is still the
belief of many that you set up a web site and it advertises itself. Not just
an SME problem. Many big Co's put a huge amount into launching a web site
and nothing into telling anyone about it.

Unless you are selling Internet services of some kind, it would be better to
have a mediocre site that millions visited than a wonderful site than half a
dozen visited.

I would suggest a general rule of 20% of the budget spent on setting the
site up and maintaining it, 80% on promoting and advertising it. This
presumes you are going to use the site to sell your products /services
rather than just post it up so you can tell your shareholder(s) that you
have "got a web site".

Ray Taylor
NMC/Adplan - the online advertising agency
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  RE: UKNM: Worst website sins, Tomski

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