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Subject: UKNM: Internet advertising for food or drink brands.
From: Alexander Sampson
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 13:58:09 +0100

Dear Sir or Madam,

Have you ever wondered why a brand such as Coke or Ragu should be
advertised online and/or have a web site?

The Internet gives the opportunity to involve the audience, provide
customer support and rich product specific information while the gap
between the advertising exposure and the sale can be minimised by
selling online. But for common, repeat-purchase food or drink brands,
some research has shown that customer support is not necessary and that
little product-specific information is required prior to purchase.
Furthermore, such brands can only be sold offline and it is uncertain
whether their target audience are Internet users or whether other media
would satisfy marketing objectives in a better way.

So why are such brands advertised online? Does exposure in the Internet
affect the brand's equity or is presence in the medium driven by hype
and competitive actions? Your opinion, as an Internet
advertising/marketing expert is necessary in order to give an answer to
the above
questions! Responses will remain confidential and be included in a
thesis that is a prerequisite for acquiring a Masters degree in
marketing from the University of Stirling in the UK.

...So why not take a moment and respond to a short survey and get an
All-in-one Internet advertising and marketing resources web page and
exclusive access to the full report (when finished) in return?

Just click on the link below:


Alexander Sampson, MSc Marketing, University of Stirling, UK, 1999.
e-mail:as077atstir [dot] ac [dot] uk

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