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Subject: No Subject
From: William Wemyss
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999 10:20:04 +0100

Hi everyone. Anyone got any thoughts on the following

The subject is 'hallway pages' about which much has been written in the
variuos discussion groups on both sides of the Atlantic. I understand
the principle behind 'hallway pages' but is there yet any proof that
pages which are found by the spiders rather than submitted actually do
end up higher in the rankings? Also do you have to hide these hallway
page and links from surfers since they are intended only to point to
the entrance pages? Where should they ideally be constructed- should they
sit on another site and point to the relevant doorway pages or is it
better to construct them on the site in question. I would be grateful
for any help on these matters.



William Wemyss
Panlogic Ltd
'Performance based web marketing'
(44) 0181-948-5166

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