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Subject: RE: UKNM: I'm sorry sir, this is a cheese shop.
From: Rod Begbie
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 15:22:51 +0100

> iMVS took over two weeks to tell me they were unable to fulfil my order.
> Two weeks of excitement as I waited for the postman's tread each morning;
> two weeks in which I could have got the bloody thing from many other
> sources. Online shopping has many benefits, but it would be nice to
> minimise the drawbacks...

I've had very similar experiences with iMVS, and so have many others i've
spoken to on various music-related mailinglists. Tales of listing CDs
months before they were released, or items being out of stock for weeks on
end were common.

My personal experience from my one and only order with them was 8 CDs
ordered, and eventually (after much to-and-froing) 4 delivered. So I'm not
ordering with them again.

> Anyway, I still haven't got my bloody record - anybody know any good
> online record shops? (apart from www.vinyltap.co.uk).

Action Records http://www.action-records.co.uk/ are very good if you're an
indie-kid or dance-guy. Reasonably cheap, and they send out a list of
new-releases once a week. And I'm completely in love with
http://audiostreet.com/ because their free shipping offer appears to apply
to packages to the US (whether through design or mess-up, I'm not quite
sure). I got the new Super Furry Animals LP for 10 all-in -- cheaper than
if I'd bought it in a record shop in the UK (although still not as cheap at
the $13 it is over here a month later, now that it's been officially
released. <sigh> The high cost of being an obsessive indiekid...)


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  UKNM: I'm sorry sir, this is a cheese sh, Aidan Cook

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