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Subject: Re: UKNM: Wasting time on tenders
From: Leigh Blue Caldwell
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 17:07:37 +0100

> Surely easier said than done?
> is the market mature enough for clients to pay for ideas alone...??
> ..I guess the guys at the 'new look' webmedia can answer that...

I'm sure it depends on what part of the market you're in, and on
who your clients are. But in all of our recent projects, we've
gone through a specification stage where we put forward our ideas,
our intended approach to the project, documented the exact scope
of it and did a lot of the other 'creative' work. And we always
charge for this unless it's a client we have worked with before
and know they'll be going ahead. But if we do charge for it,
then it's always on the understanding that the client gets to
look at the results of the spec stage and decide whether to go
ahead on the basis of it. For one thing, they won't have a final
quote until the end of the spec stage.

Now, that's not exactly the same as being paid for a pitch. And
in any case we're in a more technical area where this kind of
specification is absolutely necessary, while it is possible to
get by without it - or at least without something quite so
rigorous - in a more design/creative-led field. But it is
comparable in that while we are happy to have meetings with
clients and present our general credentials and approach to
doing business - and often some informal ideas on the approach
to their project - we don't prepare either prototypes or major
documentation for a potential piece of business without being
paid for it.


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  Re: UKNM: Wasting time on tenders, Dominic Graveson

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