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Subject: Re: UKNM: Internet marketing to a 'pink' audience
From: Craig Pickup
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 12:02:41 +0100

Jo wrote:

> I wonder if anyone can help? An aquaintance of mine is considering setting
> up an Internet business selling clubwear targeted at a gay audience. She
> has asked me to seek statistics regarding the on-line gay community in
> Europe. Does anyone know of any relevant statistics or resources? This
> isn't the sort of thing to be found at isoc.org...

No statistics but from my experience of online users there is a greater
percentage of the gay community online than there is of the non-gay community.

> Also, does anyone have any comments on the likelihood of this venture
> succeeding? I've advised her to back it up with retail via standard
> channels.

One of the things the Internet is good for is the niche marketing to a dispersed
audience and you certainly have that with this sort of target market.

Craig Pickup

  UKNM: Internet marketing to a 'pink' aud, Jo

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