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Subject: Re: UKNM: Internet marketing to a 'pink' audience
From: Mark Curtis
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 10:12:14 +0100

Perhaps the core learning was that we spent weeks before launch filling the
service with great and relevant content ("content is king" went the mantra),
and sure,,much of it was read. But the thing gay men really wanted to do was
meet and talk to each other on-line via chat and threaded discussions. And
that's where the action was.

Also to make the latter work required a full time editor at the minimum. The
personality of that person was very important too.

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Date: 22 June 1998 16:50
Subject: Re: UKNM: Internet marketing to a 'pink' audience

>The guys that did Planet Patrol found that there was a very active market
>because gay guys in particular tend to have large amounts of disposable
>income, a taste for techy toys, and a well developed appreciation of the
>benefits of online communities. So much so that even AOL approached them
>asked them to do a pink area for their otherwise fairly uptight and all-
>American service.

  UKNM: Content dethroned? (was pink), Jim Sterne

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