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Subject: Re: UKNM: Content dethroned? (was pink)
From: Mark Curtis
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 16:18:11 +0100

I agree Jim. We used to say - if content is king, then connectivity is the
queen who sits alongside (maybe we worked on Planet Patrol just a bit too

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From: Jim Sterne <jsterneattargeting [dot] com>
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Date: 24 June 1998 12:50
Subject: UKNM: Content dethroned? (was pink)

>At 05:20 PM 6/22/98 +0100, Mark Curtis wrote:
>>Perhaps the core learning was that we spent weeks before launch filling
>>service with great and relevant content ("content is king" went the
>>and sure,,much of it was read. But the thing gay men really wanted to do
>>meet and talk to each other on-line via chat and threaded discussions. And
>>that's where the action was.
>I've just come across an article here in the states
>that struck a nerve. "Content is King" is being replaced
>by "Transactions are God". Transactional content is the
>holiest of holies.
>People can get plenty of content the way the like it:
>on dead trees. But getting something accomplished, looking
>up some information, buying something, or (the transactional
>content) getting the score/stock price, seem to be the
>big drawing cards.
>Is it me, or does it feel like people don't want to use
>the telephone to get radio broadcasts? Doesn't it seem that
>people go online to communicate and transact, rather than
>consume content? Acquire it, maybe, but not consume...
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