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Subject: RE: UKNM: Credit card fraud
From: Dominic Taylor
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 10:44:55 +0100

On a similar note, Amazon.com are offering guaranteed cover for your $50
liability, if your credit card is used fraudulently.


We have hundreds of transactions a week through our site and have never
had any cases of fraud reported. However, I do think there is a
lingering mistrust of e-commerce which needs addressing, which is why we
will be implementing a similar guarantee to Amazon .

On the other hand, the reverse psychology is that just by mentioning
credit card fraud, you could put some doubts into potential buyers'

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Subject: UKNM: Credit card fraud

Has anyone come across cases of credit card fraud in this
country or abroad,
involving intercepted secure transactions where the encryption
has been
subsequently cracked? We would like to put a statement to the
effect that this
is either very rare or non-existent, on our web site to allay
people's fears as
we percieve a lingering and unreasonable distrust of e-commerce
out there. Our
IT manager sensibly advised that if people were interested in
credit card
fraud, they would find it a damn site easier to get a job as a
waiter, but I'm
not sure that our audience would find this altogether



Charles Linn
Web Producer
Friends of the Earth


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