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Subject: Re: UKNM: Credit card fraud
From: Andres Varela
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 14:10:03 +0100

PLUS Lotto operates gambling games from servers in Liechtenstein, and so
have double credibility problem of persuading people that we're for real,
and that we're not going to use their credit card details in a naughty or
evil way. Even when we say it's for the Red Cross and our systems are
scrutinised by Coopers Lybrand.

This link is to the security page on PLUS Lotto where we guarantee SFr1000
(roughly 400 quid) against one's card being misused.


The site is about to be heavily redesigned, and we're also formulating a
similar page for our Millions2000 game which is likely to get even more
exposure, so if anyone has any magic words to include then please suggest


Andres Varela - The Electronic Fundraising Company
5 St Mary Abbot's Place - London W8 6LS
(t) +44 171 603 7737 (f) +44 171 603 7481 (m) +44 7970 833404


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