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Subject: Re: UKNM: Content dethroned?
From: Aidan Cook
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 17:02:51 +0100

> Of course my PC is in the other room upstairs, and besides its a real
> pain to connect and locate just one titbit of information. I say 'Roll
> on enabled TVs and transactive content'.

Its funny how the world cup has brought this up; I too have felt the need
to sit in my big chair like Jean-Luc Picard watching France and say
"Computer - project the possible outcomes of the group based on a 3-0
French win". Instead I am forced to negotiate with my friends until we
have constructed a memory-based guess we are all happy with - I'd pay
20pence to know for sure.

Gutting isn't it - I've been lied to by annuals from the 70's with
features on "How we will live in the year 2000". Aside from the
disappointment of not having a personal gyro-copter on the roof of my
domestic pod and a big shiny suit with an arial on my head, the
voice-recognising software which allows my wristwatch to tap into the
global information network in just the manner you describe has also failed
to materialise. Damn.

Roll on the future, I can't wait much longer...

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