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Subject: UKNM: Hotmail
From: manou
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 18:13:19 +0100


When Microsoft bought Hotmail for a zillion dollars during XMas '98, it
wasn't so Bill could have his own free Web-based email account. They
wanted the users to 1) flog Microsoft products to, 2) say they have the
World's largest Web-based email service, 3) direct users to the MSN
community, 4) make $$$$ from ad sales.

We knew that sooner or later the Microsoft/Hotmail monster was going to
raise its ugly head in Europe, attempt to bully or gobble-up similar UK and
European companies (buy 'em or stomp on 'em) and flex American muscles. I
though it would be in July or August...well...if you read the Evening
Standard yesterday, you must have seen the super duper big Hotmail ad...

Now, we all can conclude that 'hotmail' can also be confused for 'hotMALE',
so in a fit of paranoia by Microsoft, the ad showed a close to naked babe
posing suggestively with the caption: '[email protected]'...hmmmm...yes,
sex does sell, and sell well, especially on the 'net...but for email??? I
showed the ad to me mum and sister...they thought it was a cybersex
service...basically, the ad was quite insulting to women.

Using sex to sell a service is nothing new in the states, I wonder how it
will go over here. Obviously the target of the ad is the 18-35 year old
bloke (the ad was in the footie section...obviously)...my problem is that
we have excellent homegrown Internet services...should we succumb to this
American BS or should we band together and fight back...but how???

Manou Marzban

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