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Subject: RE: UKNM: Content dethroned?
From: Paul Durrant
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 11:55:33 +0100

June 24, 1998 02:48 Jim Sterne Wrote:

I've just come across an article here in the states
that struck a nerve. "Content is King" is being replaced
by "Transactions are God". Transactional content is the
holiest of holies.

At last the old "multimedia" mantra, coined by CD-ROM publishers when
they realised people don't buy technologically cool things on a CD-ROM
for the sake of it, is being broken! And not before time, because the
interpretation of "content" when it got translated to the Web, has
become absurdly "design" driven (for some misguided view of what people
visit sites for). I'm talking corporate sites here.

I am frustrated time and again by sites that look good but are totally
hollow. (Trails of slow, superfluous graphics ridden, contorted
interaction which end in snipits of trite marketing blub). I revisit
sites that aren't necessarily works of art but they work fast, have
clean design, have clever application of technology for easy use AND
give me real information, or allow me to carry out the transaction, I
want - quickly.

So if that's "transactional content" long may it be king!.

Paul Durrant
Tarnlough Limited
Interactive Business Communications Consultants
Limerick, Ireland.
e-mail: pdurrantatindigo [dot] ie

  RE: UKNM: Content dethroned?, Jim Sterne

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