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Subject: Re: UKNM: Credit card fraud
From: Steve Johnston
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 12:08:21 +0100

On 26/06/98, at 09:27, Craig Pickup wrote:
>But when fulfilling orders on-line such as provision of software or access to
>on-line services then the transaction tends to be real-time with no address
>provided and so harder to spot and/or deal with. Other than the likes of SET
>(when/if it eventually is adopted and released) what means are there to check
>for fraud in these circumstances?

At the consumer end, all that SET really does is verify that the computer in use has a verified certificate which is supported in a transaction by the the card-holder's relevant PIN number. So imagine how hard it must be to swindle some software or other digital goodies from a colleague's PC at work, when they have probably stored their PIN number somewhere really obvious. In this event it will be the most fabulously encrypted fraudulent transaction ever. And don't forget the SET enabled customer is not saying to their bank "I am only using SET now, please refuse any other credit card transactions on my card details".

Companies like Cybersource http://www.cybersource.com/ have an interesting solution (solution? well nothing's foolproof) for digital goods delivery, and the IMRG is working very hard in the background too....

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  Re: UKNM: Credit card fraud, Craig Pickup

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