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Subject: RE: More than just a broadcast medium (was UKNM: Arse)
From: Mario Tilney-Bassett
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 19:20:44 +0100

But they were 'quirky' sites, with no links to 'big business'....

The trick, which in my opinion has yet to be pulled off, is to replicate
that sort of rabid viral email-ing for a big corporate....

Most big brands aren't elastic enough to go that left of centre...

Tango , Virgin maybe....?

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Subject: RE: More than just a broadcast medium (was UKNM: Arse)

how much did dancing hampsters and the turkish bloke spend on launching
their sites?

millions of visitors

it is still possible


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> Subject: More than just a broadcast medium (was UKNM: Arse)
> --- John Blower wrote:
> > Peter Borg wrote:
> >
> > >For the first time, anyone can publish their own thoughts and
> > >opinions and reach millions of people in a very short space of
> > >time and with very little effort.
> >
> > I think not. If I want the millions, I shall have to inform them of
> > the existence of my page(s). And, unless I strike a particularly
> > resonant chord in the breasts of my audience, I shall nedd tons o'
> > money to tell the world.
> Ok, ok, so millions is hyperbole in most cases, but a web page is not
> the only way to reach people although it's the most prevalent in the
> minds of western society.
> If you have a strong opinion on a particular topic, you can shove a
> web page up, feed the URL to a few search engines with little effort,
> and chances are you'll start to get hits from people searching for
> information on that topic.
> Admittedly, knowledge of how these things work is required, but it's
> information that's freely available on the web itself.
> > The situation you describe may have existed for 18-24 months in
> > 1994-96. No longer.
> Hmm, I'd dispute that for several reasons.

[Sam says: msg chopped]

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