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Subject: UKNM: Three questions about Banner Systems
From: Infoataboard [dot] co [dot] uk
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 12:36:54 +0100

I need to implement a Banner Ad System for a group of sites. (15 Million
Impressions per month)
We are thinking to either develop in house or find a solution, if available.

a) Any one that has succeeded this process can provide some tips?

b) Does anybody know of any software that provides Banner system management
- Banner stock forecast and management
- Campaign scheduling and targeting
- Banner delivery
- Stats and reports

c) Any ideas about how to market these banners? (Internal sales team vs.
agencies and banner networks)

Thanks to all,

On-Line Marketing Manager
e-mail mgataboard [dot] co [dot] uk

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  RE: UKNM: Three questions about Banner S, paul youlten

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