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Subject: RE: UKNM: deja boo?
From: Dee Edwards
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 13:24:47 +0100

> part with teir money for really high-end fashion is almost
> impossibly hard
> to do when you haven't heard of them

Oh Ian, I agree with most of your other points. But on subject of
Net-a-Porter, if you really haven't heard of most of its brands, you are
clearly not its target audience. Nothing wrong with that and I promise I
won't hold it against you, but perhaps you should not use your personal
knowledge of brands as the core basis for accusing a company of showing
'fundamental flaws in selling on the web /creating useful lifestyle sites'.

Most of Net-a-Porter's brands highly desirable but often very hard to track
down. It appears to have a clearly defined international customer segment
and is focusing on creating a well targeted offering. In my opinion, this
is FAR better than trying to be all things to everyone which is where SO
many companies go wrong. Great customer service too, not only did they reply
to an e-mail promptly but as they didn't have something in my size, they
sourced it especially.

Lack of inertia and flexibility are a couple of the reasons dot coms were
initially hailed as having an edge over the typical offline retailer going
online. Unfortunately as a consquence of trying to be all things to
everyone, most dot coms grow too quickly without the infrastructure a
traditional retailer has. As a consequence, the customer experience falls
apart so they end up being nothing to anyone.


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