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Subject: UKNM: Viral Marketing - Is This Legal?
From: Sarah Clelland
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 20:09:15 +0100

Has anyone else received this e-mail from Virgin?

Basically it's a competition to win a holiday by registering for Virgin
Wines. You enter yourself and then nominate 3 other people to go with
you; however if they don't go to the site and register themselves, your
entry is null and void.

This is communicated to the friends you nominate like this:
"IMPORTANT: This entry will not be valid unless you enter
yourself. So if you want to stay friends, get on with it!"

The person who received it here lodged a complaint about this, but even as I

type I'm wondering if it's all part of the plan - be contraversial and
someone will forward it to a forum, where for every one person who feels
it's offensive, there'll be 20 who think it's quite funny and will log onto
the site just to see what its all about...am I just falling into the trap??
And, paranoia aside, what do people think about this?

(Full e-mail from Virgin Wines is below - Mark Morton is the boyfriend
of the recipient in case anyone is confused.)

Sarah Clelland

Mark Morton has invited you to spend a week on Necker
Island, Richard Branson's private Carribean hideaway. All
Mark Morton has to do now is to win the Virgin Wines
Necker Island competition!

Message from Mark Morton:

Why not?

If you would like to join Mark Morton then all you have to do is
enter the competition yourself. Click the link below to
enter: http://necker.virginwines.com

IMPORTANT: This entry will not be valid unless you enter
yourself. So if you want to stay friends, get on with it!

While you are about it, you can improve your chances by
entering as many times as you like, and invite a few
friends (or strangers!) yourself.

Good luck! And don't forget the suntan cream.

Virgin Wines

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