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Subject: Re: UKNM: The BBC
From: Paul Canty
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 20:10:06 +0100

News to me too. The BBC is in an enviable position where they have
value content coming out of their ears and a flourishing inhouse
capability which they've been growing steadily for at least the past 5
years. Also, the fact that they can cross media reference gives them a
powerful permission marketing model (which everyone else has to pay
handsomely for).

Lucky old them eh?

On the one hand, it could be suggested by some that this gives them an
unfair advantage, but I'll wager many of the gripers would do the same
given half the chance (probably less actually). Its a model that many
marketeers aspire to - desperately affiliating to achieve the same
reach in the independent sector. Its possible, and the Beeb have got it
already so why not work it?

They are in a unique position and its a question of whether that
position is being abused. I don't think so - yet.

By the way, the BBC still put out webwork (and iTV and CD-ROM) to pitch, so
its not
as though they're not letting anyone else share their toys if that is a
contentious issue too.

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NMgcu> Doing some research for a piece, I was surprised at the depth of
NMgcu> feeling among the ranks of UK online entrepreneurs. There seemed to
be a
NMgcu> sense
NMgcu> that the BBC was somehow muscling in on "their" territory with the
likes of
NMgcu> the
NMgcu> Top Gear site, and others aimed at various markets from kids to
cooks. One
NMgcu> likened the BBC to Microsoft, killing off whole markets with their
NMgcu> muscle.

NMgcu> Have I been hopelessly naive in being surprised by this, or is this
NMgcu> really
NMgcu> just vested interests and sour grapes? The BBC is, after all, doing
what it
NMgcu> does
NMgcu> pretty well online. I'd love to find out what the list's impressions
NMgcu> off
NMgcu> the record, of course :-)

NMgcu> Neil Mc

NMgcu> ===================
NMgcu> Neil McIntosh
NMgcu> Deputy editor, Online
NMgcu> The Guardian, London
NMgcu> t: 020 7239 9925

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