Pricing Psychology Report & 46 Ways to Raise Prices

  • 12 pricing tests - results revealed
  • 46 tactics to raise prices...without losing sales
  • Pricing Psych: 56 page PDF download
  • 46 Ways: 136 page PDF download
  • Published 2005 by Jensen-Fann Publishers Dow

MarketingSherpa's Review:
We like Marlene Jensen's book, Pricing Psychology Report, because it focuses on tested pricing data that you can start using right away. It is particularly useful for the publishing community.

Some points you'll learn:

  • How to set prices to sell the most units for highest profit, which can be harder than you think.
  • How to raise prices without losing orders.
  • Whether to use "FREE" based on B-to-B or B-to-C marketing.
  • How to test prices yourself.

    Table of Contents:
    Chapter 1: How to raise your price and get MORE sales
    Chapter 2: Using cents in your pricing
    Chapter 3: "Magic" numbers in pricing
    Chapter 4: "Poison" Prices
    Chapter 5: How to charge different prices to different groups legally
    Chapter 6: Psychological tricks in discounting
    Chapter 7: The psychology of negotiating prices
    Chapter 8: The Top 6 danger signs that you're seriously underpriced
    Chapter 9: More pricing psychology from more marketing gurus
    Chapter 10: Free online testing solutions - so you can test prices yourself
    Chapter 11: More price tests

    Companion Report:
    Ms. Jensen's new book, 46 Ways to Raise Prices... without losing sales! is the perfect complement to the Pricing Psychology Report. After you learn how to test and set prices, this report will teach you:

  • 46 great tactics to test for yourself
  • The secrets of making customers happy to pay higher prices
  • How to figure out if you're being robbed (by yourself)
  • 12 invisible ways to raise prices

    Table of Contents:
    Introduction - How to get the most from this book
    Section I - Opportunities provided by your competitors
    Section II - Change your customers
    Section III - Price-only changes
    Section IV - Product changes
    Section V - Product repositioning
    Section VI - Packaging changes
    Section VII - Distribution changes
    Section VIII - Promotion changes
    Section IX - Changes with salespeople & price negotiations

    About the Author:
    Author Marlene Jensen is a pricing strategy and new business expert. The consulting company she launched 11 years ago, Newsletter Group has helped some very big companies, such as American Express, AARP and Playboy, as well a number of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. She has personally conducted almost 100 tests of pricing strategies -- as well as idea tests -- for her clients.

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