Learn how can you ensure that your users don’t stray, and keep coming back to your app time and again.

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Date: 26 March 2018
Location: Campus London, UK

Digital Meetup London - Marketing Experts, Web Devs & Designers, SAAS & Others

Format 6pm - Networking & Free Drinks 7pm - 3 Talks with Q&A Sessions 8pm - Networking & Free Drinks

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Date: 20 March 2018
Location: Huckletree, UK

Digital Services Meetup - Web Devs, Marketeers, SAAS & Others

Our aim is to bring together media & web-related businesses, with similar skill-sets, who share our passion to create valuable business opportunities. Be on the lookout for new and exciting ways to grow your business through meeting those who are like-minded.

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Date: 6 December 2017
Location: Huckletree, Alphabeta Building, UK

October Meet-up UX Design in Fintech/Banking

Richard Bretschneider – How to make a really bad first impression with your multibanking app Richard Bretschneider is a Senior User Experience Consultant at eresult GmbH in Germany.

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Date: 26 October 2017
Location: IdeaLondon, 69 Wilson St, EC2A 2BB, UK

The UX Conference in London 2018

The UX design conference exploring how designers & business stakeholders can work together better. Amazing speakers from Uber, Transport for London, Deliveroo, Moo, British Gas, Salesforce and more.

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Date: 20 February 2018
Location: Canada Water Library, UK

September Meet-up Designing for Voice

Schedule 6.45 Registration 7.00 Lee Mallon – Managing Director – Rarely Impossible 7.30 Kate Fischer – Automotive UI/UX Designer – Icon In Car GmbH 8.00 Q&A 8.30 Networking & beers

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Date: 27 September 2017
Location: IdeaLondon, UK

Morning Event with The Office Group Designing for CHATBOTS With Stratis Valachis, Aviva

Agenda 8:00 – 8:30 – Coffee & Networking 8.30 – 9:00 – Stratis Valachis, Aviva – Designing for Chatbots 9:00-9.30 – Q&A and Networking

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Date: 20 September 2017
Location: Albert House, UK

UX Brighton 2017: Designing for Complexity

Our 7th annual conference, UX Brighton 2017 is about Designing for Complexity.

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Date: 3 November 2017
Location: Brighton Dome, UK

4th Annual Real-Time Advertising Summit

Led by senior industry experts through case study presentations, interactive sessions & panel discussions, and extended networking opportunities, the two-day event will provide you a truly in-depth learning peer-to-peer platform.

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Date: 22 November 2017
Location: London, UK

World's Top 50 Innovators from the Industries of the Future - London

We are inviting the scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and visionaries who are building the "Industries of the Future" in order to better understand where new wealth will be created, whilst also examining the impact of technology on economies and societies.

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Date: 27 September 2017
Location: BT Auditorium, UK

HACK UX - VR Hackathon - in Partnership with Orange and UoL

Hackathon focused on VR/AR

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Date: 14 July 2017
Location: The Franklin House, UK

HackerNest London July Tech Social

HackerNest Tech Socials are a fun, relaxed way to connect with your local tech community. Atmosphere: chill, friendly, unpretentious, agenda-free (no sales pitch), and brimming with Ultra Smart People. Join us at OVH in July for a great night!

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Date: 4 July 2017
Location: OVH London, UK

Canvas Conference 2017: Insider Stories from Product People

Canvas is a one-day event of practical talks for people who design, make and market digital products and experiences.

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Date: 26 October 2017
Location: Birmingham Town Hall, UK

Mobile UX London- Foundation Course in UX&UCD

8-week training course with experienced trainers.

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Date: 4 September 2017
Location: IdeaLondon, UK

Artificial Intelligence Showcase

We are rapidly moving from a world where people give machines orders, to one in which people give machines problems, and the machines learn to solve the problems by themselves.

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Date: 14 June 2017
Location: Marks & Clerk, UK