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Cookie Law Update: Regulators Weigh In and Implied Consent Lives

balance by ROSS HONG KONG

New Year, fresh start, and for online marketers in the UK, that includes finalising preparations for a market where the ePrivacy Directive is actually enforced.  The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) initially granted a 12-month reprieve from enforcement to give us time to ‘get our houses in order,’ but the reprieve will be a distant memory when it expires on May 25th.  Did I just spoil your day?  The good news is that consensus is beginning to emerge on first steps that you can take, and more importantly, the ICO has not demanded that the market go opt-in.

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AOP Behavioural Targeting Forum: B2B perspective

Behavioural targeting can help deliver more relevant content, provide select audiences to advertisers, improve inventory management and increase revenues. But how can publishers realise the benefits while protecting their reputation?

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Date: 30 July 2008
Location: Blue Fin Building, UK

Manchester calling as Chinwag hits the digital north

The internet was meant to be the thing that liberated us from place. Anyone could design a website or run a company from their bedroom or a remote eerie. All you needed was a computer and an ISDN connection, right?

But some habits die hard. Basing your web business in London seems to be one of those things. Despite this, there's a thriving scene around Britain, and we're keen to give as many people and places as possible access to our services.

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Chinwag Live: User Centered Advertising (with Manchester Digital)

Is advertising that's attuned to and valuable for consumers a contradiction in terms? Does it exist? Should it be created, and how will it work?

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Date: 15 April 2008
Location: CUBE, UK