Is Social Media Killing Our Kids’ Creativity?

Kids on calls

A recent survey revealed that one in 10 children have a mobile phone before the age of 5. Five years old!

The reasons behind this are perhaps obvious, but what does this early exposure to digital do to a developing imagination?

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Can conflicts be good for creativity?


When collaborating on an idea using IT or social media, disagreement is inevitable.

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Getting the balance right: How to lead a successful design agency


Many design agencies are run by talented creatives who believe they have unique insight. 

They live and breathe the rarefied atmosphere of the creative process that aims to produce the Single Grand Idea and captivate the consumer.

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Is Working Remotely Not Remotely Working? Here’s Why.


It's been said, not far from here, that home working doesn't work. Why? Poor management now, or in the past.

‘Managing’ remote staff requires experience. If someone is in the office, it’s easy to ‘feel’ they are being effective because they can be observed. That’s an illusion accepted by ineffective managers.

Here's a thing: the business isn’t paying someone to sit at a desk, it’s paying them to be productive. If I am measuring output rather than activity I can measure that just as well if the employee is at home. So that’s the first management failure: valuing presence over productivity.

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Creativity-An Unfair Advantage

A series of evening events led by respected and influential speakers including Dave Trott, Jonathan Saipe, Allister Frost and Dr Mariann Hardy.

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Date: 7 February 2013
Location: Ogilvy Digital Labs, UK

Generating Innovative Content

Led by creative media expert Pam Relton, this is a one-day workshop on creative thinking techniques with practical advice on generating and developing TV programme ideas.

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Date: 20 March 2012
Location: Indie Training Fund, UK

Youth Creativity and Innovation: Learning to Let Go…

Potato people

How an interactive story told through social media taught us to let youth creativity off the leash…

Working to encourage creativity and innovation amongst young people is frequently inspiring and often equally frustrating. Most of that frustration is aimed solely at ourselves for occasionally slipping into the trap of unwittingly projecting our ingrained ways of thinking upon them.

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Digital London Summit & Showcase

Taking place on 13th-14th March 2012 at ExCeL, London, this summit and showcase will bring the technology industry together connecting digital enterprises with digital media, investors with entrepreneurs, academia with industry, and the private and the public sectors with evangelists and leading digital technology innovators.

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Date: 13 March 2012
Location: ICC ExCeL, London, UK

The Inspire Conference

Innovation, Trends & Thought Leadership are the backbone of every industry, whether it be the Web, Mobile, Creative or Social Entrepreneurship. Over 2 days, we're bringing together some of the most brilliant minds in Technology, Creativity & Entrepreneurship from across the world to the heart of Europe's exploding tech & creative scene in London.

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Date: 7 June 2011
Location: Senate House, University of London, UK

The Inspire Conference

The inspire Conference is fuelling the next wave of change in Technology, Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Society

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Date: 7 June 2011
Location: Shoreditch Town Hall, UK

Simplicity Day

minimoko, the design and innovation studio that loves simplicity, invites you to celebrate Simplicity Day with us! Simplicity Day is the event to discuss how simplicity affects our daily lives and how we can innovate by simplifying.

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Date: 12 July 2010
Location: THECUBE, UK

dConstruct 2010

Now in its sixth year, dConstruct 2010 brings together leading industry figures to explore the power of design thinking and show how we can all become just a little bit more creative.

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Date: 1 September 2010
Location: Brighton Dome, UK

Competition: Win dConstruct 2010 Tickets

dConstruct stickers by Jeremy Keith

dConstruct, in its sixth year, is a fixture on every designer's calendar. And what better excuse to immerse yourself in design thinking by the sea-side with some of the top names in the industry?

As the dConstruct team put it,

"dConstruct 2010 brings together leading industry figures to explore the power of design thinking and show how we can all become just a little bit more creative."

dConstruct 2010

We're dead chuffed to have teamed up with organisers, Clearleft, to offer a competition for two tickets to this year's event (1-3rd Sept).

Heck, you can't even but a ticket yet, but the early-bird tranche of tickets will be available from the dConstruct site from 6th July. They'll go quick, so don't hang around.

Entering couldn't be easier, just pop your details in the form below. We'll be making the draw for the lucky winners on Fri, 16th July.

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2009 c&binet Forum Event

The first annual c&binet forum is taking place on 26-28 October 2009 at The Grove in Hertfordshire.

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Date: 26 October 2009
Location: The Grove, UK

i-Design 09

i-Design is an essential one day conference and showcase for anyone with an interest or passion for interactive design and the digital arts.

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Date: 24 September 2009
Location: Old Cinema, University of Westminster, UK