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Simon Says: How to make a viral video & get your content retweeted


You don’t make viral videos. Sorry, the truth hurts.

As a conciliation prize I’ll tell you that you were half right. You do make videos. But it’s the public that makes a viral, so you shouldn’t be selling it to a client under that label.

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Mining Google Trends: Facebook Dominant in Search, Duking It Out With Twitter in News

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Using Google Trends and the popularity of search terms as a guide to media consumption certainly isn't bulletproof, but reading Matthew Slight's post about the shift in media consumption inspired a spot of digging. And boy, is Facebook having an impact on search terms - just look at the graph above.

I can't work out whether it must be slightly galling for Google search execs to watch one of their main rivals rocket in popularity, or are they rubbing their hands with glee at all the data gathered about user's interaction with Facebook?

Whilst Facebook and Twitter are both ramping up their sales functions in the UK, sheer numbers play a factor, but influence will play a critical factor in grabbing those marketing dollars.

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