2012 Census of the Creative Media Industries - Get Involved & Be Counted!


Creative Skillset are asking tens of thousands of companies to take part in an industry-wide Employment Census for the creative media industries. The census aims to help Creative Skillset make sure that the creative media industry has the information it needs to thrive in the global market.

By completing the census you will be directly influencing how Creative Skillset uses and levers funds to ensure we have a highly skilled, world class workforce.

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Dotbomb talent purge casts a long shadow

2004-2008 A Partial Potted (UK) Web Media History:

Code orange alert: 2004. Sector has stabilised. Huge relief. Optimism. Hiring people. 2005. Excitement. Clients pupils are dilating... Upswing! Much client business incoming. Broadband upsurge. Money flooding into interactive advertising.

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