Marketing to Generation Z - yes, you'll feel old [infographic]

Marketing to Generation Z

Generation Z, the kids of Gen X and Gen Y are hitting their teens and starting their careers. Feel old yes, yes, us too. You might think you know how teens are using social but it's worth reading this post on the subject.

Mobile marketing company GlobalMessaging crunched the numbers on Gen X to discover their behaviour and attitudes: Whilst 50% are making plans for their college years, 25% are leaving Facebook whilst second, third or even fourth-screening.

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Brits Triumph at Golden Globes (on social media) [infographic]

Golden Globes by Jenn Deering Davis

Idris Elba, Kate Winslet and Steve McQueen triumphed at the Golden Globes. At least they did online according to an infographic from content recommendation network, Outbrain.

Unlike the 'real' awards where Winslet lost out to Blanchett, Elba to McConaghey and McQueen to Cuarón, Outbrain analysed 11,000 stories across their network, between 1-8th January reviewing the consumption rate and volume of stories published.

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Face(book) Value

The Cat on the Net

Five years ago, who would have predicted that 140 million Facebook users would grow to an inconceivable 1.15 billion? Katerina Kardamaki @LimeTreeOnline breaks the story down...

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Infographic or Visual CV as a Job Application [Infographic]

Future Gov: Head of Comms

When applying for the role of Head of Comms at FutureGov, I knew that the job posting would attract a lot of interest and high quality applications. Indeed, there ended up being several dozen people applying for the job.

I needed to make my application stand out.

Yes, I made sure to have a top notch CV, Covering Letter and References. But I wanted a little something extra to put my application on top of the pile.

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The War On Cookies Is Over: Cookiepocalypse Ends? [infographic]

The Cookie Law Summarised by Sitebeam

The war on cookies is over, or at least the rhetoric has been turned down a notch. Back in June when the ICO, who enforce the Data Protection Act, implemented the strictest interpretation of the law, their website traffic dropped 90%.

We dubbed it Cookiepocalypse. However, it looks like the war on cookies has just ended, or at least the ground offensive is over. On 31 Jan, they updated their website with the softer interpretation of the law which assumes implied consent.

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The Internet: What a Difference a Decade Makes

Internet Speed

Do you ever find yourself missing the dulcet tones of dial up? 

Lamenting those lost 20 minutes spent rapping your fingers on the desk, waiting for a picture of Jennifer Aniston to load, just so you can show your hairdresser the "Rachel"?

Of course not. Isn't it amazing though just how much the internet has changed in the last ten years?

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[Infographic] Coolness of Blue in Web Design by TemplateMonster

chinwag psych 9th may header

blue header

Blue Eyes, Blue Suade Shoes or maybe you're just Blue (Da Ba Dee, Da Ba Daa) - it seems this shade is top of the charts in more ways than one.

As the lovely Nathalie Nahai mentioned at her Psychology of Online Persuasion book launch last week, blue is a very popular colour for the web - and that's now been backed up by's new infographic, "Coolness of Blue in Web Design" below, looking at it's influence on genders, cultures and more.

And if you missed out on our latest psychology event, keep your eyes peeled for our 2013 events schedule announcement coming soon!

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[Infographic] 2002 - 2012: How the Internet has Changed in a Decade


I don't know about you, but I can't believe it's pretty much the end of August already. This year seems to have passed very quickly in a bit of a blur, and that's just 8 months. So what about 10 years?

In 2002 I was still in secondary school, I remember waiting patiently at grey desktop PC's watching the little egg-timer tick over as internet pages took forever to load and being introduced to the magically efficient shiny new Google. How times have changed, as's infographic looking at how the internet has changed over the past decade shows.

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The Interactive Brand Ecosystem Revisited


Nate Elliott at Forrester published an interesting post last year about the Interactive Brand Ecosystem. Essentially he is asking whether it is time that we abandoned a TV-centric planning model and worked instead on the premise that the website sits at the heart of the marketing process.

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[Infographic] The Evolution of the Web

evolution of the web

Whilst everyone's aware that the web is an ever-growing mass of interlinked pages & apps with interactive content, videos, photos and more, most people don't think so much about the web technologies and browsers that support everything and make it all possible.

The rather pretty image above is a fantastic visualisation representing the interaction between web technologies and browsers - which bring to life the many powerful web apps used daily.

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[Infographic] Facebook Timeline for Pages - Perfect Your Image Sizes

Facebook's timeline has been in effect for pages for a few months after changing on 30th March earlier this year. Anyone who's used it knows it can be a little tricky at times to make things, particularly images, the correct size to look good on their page.

The revealed this super helpful infographic earlier this year to help with exactly that problem, indicating exactly the dimensions you need. With our Facebook Marketing Bootcamp and Conference (17th / 18th July) coming up next week, what better time to refresh your page and brush up on your skills?!

The below infographic covers profile photos, cover photos, custom tab photos / logos, shared photo, highlighted photo and custom tab page.

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[Infographic] Euro 2012 - Spain Victorious (on Twitter too!)


As you know, here at Chinwag, we love a good infographic. And we've all noticed how social media - particularly Twitter - is changing the way we watch, engage and interact with sports.

Euro 2012 set a new Twitter record, with 15,358 tweets per second during the Spain vs Italy final, as we know, Spain won - but it appears that they also won in terms of tweetage (that's a word in the Chinwag dictionary), as shown by the below infographic put together by sports website, with Twitter data from Sysomos.

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Working in Social Media Really *is* Complicated [infographic]

Buddy Media / Luma - Social Media Landscape

Finally, proof that social media marketing isn't just a case of cranking out a few Tweets, checking Facebook walls and Pinning pictures of shoes.

A post on Business Insider, reveals an infographic - and you know how we like a pretty picture - from Buddy Media's recent product launch, showing just some of the complexity of the current social media landscape.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Interest in Pinterest : What marketers need to know about this popular social media channel

pinterest infographic

You may have heard some of the buzz about Pinterest, one of the newest social networks on the block, but you might not know how much of this excitement is warranted, and how much is pure hype.

Suffice to say, in the history of social networks, never has a service risen so far, so fast; and never has a social network started to deliver lucrative customers to business so quickly. Read on to understand how Pinterest can help your brand.

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New Research Finds Nearly Half of UK Consumers Interacting with Brands on Facebook

sff infographic

A new study released by global interactive marketing provider, ExactTarget, found that nearly half of UK consumers interact with brands on Facebook and nearly a quarter of those are more likely to make a purchase from that brand.

Based on more than 1,404 consumer interviews and surveys, The Social Profile UK research report is the latest in ExactTarget’s Subscribers Fans and Followers research series to explore UK consumer behavior across email, Twitter and Facebook.

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