Northern Journalists Get a Career Boost

Flickr typewriter image You could be an experienced journo looking to update your skills, a poverty stricken graduate or just after a career change, there's a new training scheme going by the name of inFUZE, that will make things a whole lot easier for struggeling hacks and those looking to break into the industry.

InFUZE was developed in conjunction with  the BBC and the University of Central Lancashire's Meld team, will be launching on Wednesday 21st October and is set to improve the fortunes of journalists of all levels.

Included in the course are seminars, technical training and a 12 week placement at various news offices across the north of England. The course will provide 10 journalists in the region with up-to-the-minute skills across the spectrum of online, TV, radio and mobile.

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inFUZE Launch - Multi-Platform Training for Experienced Journalists

ProPublica’s Director of Distributed Reporting Amanda Michel will launch inFUZE on October 21st precisely because she knows a thing or two about multi-platform collaboration.

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Date: 21 October 2009
Location: Moet Bar (Selfridges & Co), UK