Getting the balance right: How to lead a successful design agency


Many design agencies are run by talented creatives who believe they have unique insight. 

They live and breathe the rarefied atmosphere of the creative process that aims to produce the Single Grand Idea and captivate the consumer.

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In The Brain of Linda Rising: Agile: Placebo or Real Solution?

The power of the placebo is based on our brain’s belief system. Because we believe the medication can work it does. I wonder if there is some of that placebo effect in our successes with agile? Could it be that all the results are really a matter of proper expectation?

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Date: 20 May 2013
Location: Skills Matter, UK

Is Working Remotely Not Remotely Working? Here’s Why.


It's been said, not far from here, that home working doesn't work. Why? Poor management now, or in the past.

‘Managing’ remote staff requires experience. If someone is in the office, it’s easy to ‘feel’ they are being effective because they can be observed. That’s an illusion accepted by ineffective managers.

Here's a thing: the business isn’t paying someone to sit at a desk, it’s paying them to be productive. If I am measuring output rather than activity I can measure that just as well if the employee is at home. So that’s the first management failure: valuing presence over productivity.

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SMW REWIND: The Social Marketing Detectives: A Case by Case Study [video]


Asking yourself, “how did they do that” or “wonder if that campaign worked”? Us, too.

In the Social Marketing Detectives, hosted at Facebook, experts played detective and used great case studies on social media management and measurement from the leading players to build up our understanding of the ‘case’.

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Tech Business MiniMBA #8: Effective Software Development Management

The Tech Business Mini MBA #8: Effective Software Development Management presented by Peter Brownell, co-founder of start-up, the UK branch of the Drupal Open Source Developer community (, and Director of one of the UK's most established Drupal consultancies (

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Date: 17 January 2013
Location: The Young Foundation, UK

2013 Global Information and Management Symposium

Dear colleagues: The deadline for both "Abstract" and "Full Paper" is same. You can choose submitting either "Abstract" or "Full Paper" before the deadline, or “Poster” via registration system.All submitted papers/abstracts should be saved in the form of Microsoft Word files (*.doc).

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Date: 15 April 2013
Location: the Landmark Bangkok Hotel, TH

Managing People for the First Time - 3rd of July

Led by Sue Ahern of Creative People, this is a highly practical one-day seminar for new managers, team leaders or anyone preparing for a management role within the TV industry. The session will help build confidence through TV-based cast studies, exercise, questionnaires and sharing delegates’ own experiences.

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Date: 3 July 2012
Location: Indie Training Fund, UK

UPA International 21st Annual Conference

UPA 2012 will explore all the opportunities usability professionals have to be leaders that shape not just human experiences, but also the business and technology world. Themes of influence, power, authority, and initiative will be prevalent as we develop strategies for encouraging Leadership in our field...

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Date: 5 June 2012
Location: The M Resort Spa Casino, US

All Work and No Play Makes a Business Worth Less

Google London

To successfully cultivate plants you need the right tools. Cultivating the potential of talented people and their ideas is no different. You need the right tools and the right environment to encourage and support their growth.

Digital businesses are often incredibly creative businesses – and the working environment can play a huge part in harnessing or hindering this.

Here’s the advice I give to any business (established or starting out), on how to make sure that their workplaces do what any business asset should: generate value for the company by making the most of human potential. 

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Dealing with Difficult People

Dealing with Difficult People - 1-day seminar for production managers or anyone who would like to develop their skills. Open to freelancers who have broadcast credits or two years’ professional experience working in TV and Digital Media production.

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Date: 22 May 2012
Location: Indie Training Fund at Lux, UK

MiniBar Workshop Series: Workshop 2

MiniBar Workshop 2: Workshop 2: Effective Software Development Management. This workshop will cover different management methods such as ‘agile software management’ and what processes to use to arrive at a web development plan that translates business goals into achievable and workable web implementation.

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Date: 24 March 2010
Location: Young Foundation, UK

Digital Asset Management

The management of digital assets (Digital Asset Management or DAM) is one of the most important challenges facing business today. Whatever your organisation does it is likely that the overwhelming proportion of the information that constitutes its essence – ITS LIFE’S BLOOD – is held digitally.

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Date: 1 July 2009
Location: Radisson SAS Portman, UK

Measuring Success - why profit and cash are not enough

Measuring Success - why profit and cash are not enough, from E.Factor will cover early stage success how to pace performance measurement, non-financial indicators and the dangers of relying on profit and cash to measure success. will cover Measuring success - Why profit and cash are not enough - London, UK Speaker: Sir Andrew Likierman - Early stage success, how to pace performance measurement - Do you have options in how you measure success? Constraints are not objectives - The dangers of relying on profit and cash - Using non-financial indicators - Overcoming some of the measurement problems (and coping with the rest) Venue: London Business School, Regent's Park, London NW1 4SA, UK. Tel: +44 (0)20 7000 7000 Bio Sir Andrew Likierman Sir Andrew Likierman was the president of CIMA, and is currently a professor of management practice in accounting at London Business School. Sir Andrew MA (Oxford) FCMA FCCA works on all aspects of performance measurement and is a director of both the Bank of England and Barclays Bank plc. He is currently working for the UN on its corporate governance. Sir Andrew was previously at the Treasury which he joined in 1993 as Head of the Government Accountancy Service and Managing Director of the Financial Management, Reporting and Audit Directorate. He was knighted in 2001. Professor Sir Andrew Likierman assumed the position of Acting Dean at London Business School on 1 January 2007. Sir Andrew is Professor of Management Practice in Accounting, and his previous roles have included Managing Director, Government Financial Management Directorate and Head of the Government Accountancy Service, HM Treasury. Sir Andrew has recently been serving on the UN Governance Review Committee.

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Date: 12 November 2008
Location: London Business School, UK

Managing an E-commerce Team: Integrating Digital Marketing into your Organisation


As the importance of digital media in influencing and supporting purchase increases, companies face many new management challenges to integrate E-commerce and digital marketing into their marketing activities.

This interview and survey-based research report assesses for a range of medium to large UK organisations:

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How to Sell Good Marketing to Your CEO


Practical advice for everyone who has a tough time getting a CEO to say "Yes!" to marketing, PR and/or advertising budgets or campaigns. Includes insights on how to handle the 8 different CEO-types. Also useful for agencies advising clients.

Do you (or your clients) sometimes have a hard time getting sign-off on new campaign ideas? Does upper management challenge or stonewall your plans?

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