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Pioneers of Digital: TED Talk’s June Cohen on the Early Days of Online Video


Pioneers of Digital is a new book that tells the success stories behind people who have done amazing things on the web.

In the year or so it took us to write it, we interviewed twenty of the brightest minds in advertising, marketing, search and social media, documenting their career journeys (warts and all) and extracting these Pioneers’ reflections on their achievements, often for the very first time.

In this excerpt, June Cohen from TED reminisces about her early career at Stanford and Hotwired giving a fascinating account of the invaluable experience that end up leading to her help launch TED Talks on a myriad of digital devices and online platforms.

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How Foursquare Recruits in Silicon Valley [video]

Job Search! The board game! by Jake Levine

Matt Alder, founder of MetaShift and one of the leading brains in the social recruitment world, recently back from a tour of Silicon Valley, quizzed Morgan Missen, FourSquare's Head of Talent on their approach to finding new talent.

Turns out Silicon Valley has even more acute problems in finding talented staff, particularly engineers, than many of the companies in the UK. As Missen points out, every person they offer a job, has competing offers from the other Silicon Valley giants. Watch the full video

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Could you be part of Metabridge BC June 2011?

Metabridge 2010

Metabridge BC June 2011 will take place over 2 days in British Columbia, Canada, bringing together entrepreneurs and their growing software and online technology companies from Silicon Valley, Canada and the UK.  Amongst the delegates will be Disney Online and Facebook.

Metabridge logoThe event is designed to create new partnerships, and collaborative projects and assist companies who have been in business and are on a growth spurt and are looking to access the US and Canadian markets more intelligently by meeting and creating potential collaborators who are in that market already.

The event is open to 5 UK companies, who will be selected via a short-list process and will then get to go and join the event.  You'll have to be quick to make the short-list, find out more below.

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