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How to Use Social Media to Find Your Next Job

The days of sending your CV as a word document to your prospective employer are behind us. Nowadays, you can present yourself online on relevant social networks. This is an opportunity for you to set yourself apart from other people competing for that same position and an opportunity for prospective employers to meet people like you online.

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Date: 19 November 2012
Location: The Upstairs Bar @ The Theodore Bulldog, UK

Marketing: the art of 2012

Stand out from the crowd with marketing tips and tricks that will get your business noticed for the right reasons. Back for it’s fifth year, ‘Marketing: the art of’ will build on the success of previous years’ conferences and will once again offer a range of fantastic keynotes and interactive workshops that will help drive your business forward.

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Date: 20 November 2012
Location: Tyneside Cinema, UK

SMWLDN in Rewind: Through The Eyes of a Child, The Social Media World of 6-11 Year Olds

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Taking place on Wednesday 26th Sept at the Sport, Entertainment & Culture Hub at Engine, DOCO's Through the Eyes of a Child: The Social Media World of 6 - 11 Year Olds took the audience on a journey into the mind's of children and how they see and use social media.

Kids are inherently social and are very active on many social media platforms; therefore they are a hugely important part of the social media landscape. Platforms such as Facebook, Moshi Monsters and Club Penguin are arguably making a significant influence on the development of this first generation of social media users, yet this audience is isn’t often discussed and as such is not properly understood.

This discussion focused on what kids are doing on these networking sites, how and why they are so engaged with each other and the platforms, and looked at the psychology behind these behaviours. The event explored what we can learn from today’s generation and what implications these hold for the future.

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When It's Not Your Own...

FB Page

Successful brands who launch their Facebook Page through an agency will always expect to be guaranteed some 'ownership' of it. It's not uncommon for companies of a certain size to switch agency every few years, simply to embrace a fresh skill-set or on the whim of internal politics. I've been in that position myself and dutifully handed over usernames and passwords for the public entities I controlled to the hungry new whippersnappers.

As someone who acknowledges the value of being "behind the scenes", it would never cross my mind to withhold access to a vehicle I had been paid to build for someone else should they wish to take the wheel from me. Not just for reasons of commercial vanity but more so because you owe it to the users, fans and members of whatever you have created who should never be concerned with conflicts on an administration level.

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#SMWLDN in Rewind: The Impact of Mobile on Social Media


The Impact of Mobile on Social, hosted by The Engine Group took place on Tuesday 25th at the Sport, Entertainment & Culture Hub at Engine.

This panel discussion looked at how mobile became the main platform for brands and agencies to engage consumers, with Dan Beasley, Head of Mobile at JAM (@danbeasley1), Ronan Shields, Reporter for New Media Age (@ronan_shields), and John Bartleson, Director of Marketing D2C at Telefonica Digital (djjohnbee). Check out the livestream below for more.

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Social Media Masterclass with Warren Knight

Sales, Marketing and Customer Service are the three biggest reasons why companies must use social media. During this ½ day workshop you will understand how to make money using Social media and implement a strategy designed for your business.

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Date: 24 October 2012
Location: TBA (Central London), UK

DigitalSurrey October 2012

DigitalSurrey on the 18 October, will welcome Euan Semple to discuss how organisations can adapt to the social world by taking that first step in trusting employees to become part of their marketing mix.

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Date: 18 October 2012
Location: Guildford Refectory, UK

Using Social Media to Go Global - a free SMWLDN Event

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Want to take your business global? An free half-day event next Monday during Social Media Week London, might be just what you're after. Find out how to use social media, online communities and collaborative tools can help build your company’s international business.

Open to ExportOpening with a spot of networking over coffee, we’ll discover Open to Export, the exciting new service from UK Trade & Investment and Yell, which help small fast-growing firms find the answers they need to develop their global potential.

Hear from We Are Social, Naked Wines, Nokia on how they used social technology to ‘go global’. Find out what hurdles they had to overcome, what worked, what didn’t and quiz them on their plans for the future at this free event.

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On The Edge Digital, Birmingham

On The Edge is brought to you with a guarantee that you will gain insight from world-renowned innovators on the future of marketing. A fantastic line-up of speakers covering all the hot topics in digital marketing: SEO, PPC, Social Media, Digital Branding, Mobile, Video, and Digital Content.

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Date: 30 October 2012
Location: Macdonald Burlington Hotel, UK

Social Media Platform Masterclass

Here's your chance to dispell the myths and rumour surrounding social media, and focus on the key tools and techniques that are most likely to bring you new prospects for your business!

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Date: 28 September 2012
Location: Barbican Centre, UK

DigitalSurrey September 2012

Networking event including a lively panel discussion hosted by Neville Hobson on social business in a contemporary environment.

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Date: 27 September 2012
Location: The Mercure Bush Hotel, UK

Drums Rolling: SMWLDN Attendee Registration Finally Open

Social Media Week London is on its way! Starting today, you can register for your favorite events. Head over to the schedule to reserve your seat & let us know that you are attending, register by doing the following:

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Using Social and Mobile in Retail

social network

Social networks existed long before Facebook and Twitter. Originally it was just as the organic ties between organisations or individuals; today it’s the same structure, the same dynamics but super-charged by virtue of the digital technology now available!

What Messrs. Zuckerberg & Co. brought to the party are the tools, metrics and case studies necessary to understand how social leaders influence each other within these social and professional networks, and how these relationships can be used to disrupt conventional attitudes and behaviour.

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WEBCAST - New media frontiers: What's new and exciting?

In an ever-changing marketing landscape new media opportunities are constantly presenting themselves, but how do you know which will work? Mardevdm2 will show you how to find out the opportunities that are best for you.

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Date: 13 September 2012
Location: Online, UK

On Being the Pub not the Conversation Within...

pub chat

For fifteen years I’ve provided research, evidence and carefully chosen words to anyone who would listen to describe the benefits of allowing interpersonal communication within a brand-space. We used to call that "social network theory" or "social engine theory". Over time, the 'social media' industry grew up around our voices (not loud enough to dominate it but still we prattled away).

Today, my agency and team operate as a very tiny part of a £Billion business based on the very same ideas; that conversations are a form of marketing, that the customer can be an ambassador and that brand choices are part of expressible identity.

The questions I’m asked each day remain essentially the same, although the vocabulary has changed a little. Ten years ago a major sports brand asked me "What will I do if the public are critical of our product in a forum we put our brand on", today they ask "What are the costs and risks of page moderation".

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