AOP: Making Video Work For You

An informative session, using illustrative examples, to bring publishers up to speed with incorporating video content.

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Date: 18 June 2008
Location: Blue Fin Building, UK

Online publishing past its peak?

According to The Association of Online Publishers’ (AOP) annual census of revenue growth, online publishing is predicted to be down by 20% this year with a forecasted growth of 31% compared to 52% in 2007.

Despite this forecasted dip, online publishing still fared well compared to business growth in other sectors which is predicted to be 8% for 2008.

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Top ten brand videos on YouTube

Do you know how your company looks on YouTube? Open platforms and social networks attract massive audiences, and the impact of this sea-change in media on brands has been equally enormous.

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Seesmic - Creating demand by holding back the goods

Everyone's talking about Seesmic this week. Well everyone that has managed to get the 'pre alpha' testing. Seesmic  is a new video messaging service (think video voicemail, but published to a website) which is quite cool, but not radically new.

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