Digital Mission Case Study: Proof HQ

Proof HQ

Proof HQmat [dot] atkinsonatproofhq [dot] com (Mat Atkinson)

ProofHQ is an online collaboration tool that offers a simple and flexible way to address the chief pain points associated with reviewing, commenting, and approving designs, photos, artwork, documents, and other content - to enhance collaboration, reduce project management headaches and speed up time to sign off.

Founder Mat Atkinson was part of the Digital Mission to SXSWi '09

Why did you apply for the Digital Mission to SXSWi?

The US market is key for us and the audience at SXSWi are exactly the type of people we are targeting with ProofHQ.  For me Digital Mission looked like a great opportunity to put the company in front of a very relevant and receptive set of people.

SXSWi is known for its social side – was that a valuable part of the experience?

The informal networking is certainly a great benefit of being at SXSWi, the way in which the exhibition, conference and social events blend into each other makes it very unique.  We had a very specific objective, which was to use the event as a marketing opportunity, so, as well as being part of the Digital Mission group, we also undertook some separate marketing direct with the organisers – such as putting flyers in the delegate swag bag.  For us the social side was a great extra but it wasn’t the reason for going.

Are there added benefits to going as part of Digital Mission rather than on your own?

Absolutely. There is huge value in being part of the Digital Mission group. You meet some fantastic people, make great contacts and more practically you receive their help and support. In addition you have the benefit a much higher profile than you would if you were to go alone.

What advice would you have for those considering applying for a Digital Mission?

Be clear about what you what to achieve. It’s absolutely fine to go in order to attend the panels or network informally but equally it can be a fantastic business opportunity. I’d say that you need to focus on what you want to get out of it, focus on one objective and do it really well.