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UnLtd World

Unltd WorldAlberto Nardelli

The Guardian described UnLtdWorld as, “a kind of Facebook for social entrepreneurs, only more focused”. The platform helps to connect those working in social enterprises, providing resources for them to share their insight, experiences and interests.

Alberto Nardelli is the CEO at He is also co-founder of, a service that connects people with UK politics through Twitter. Tweetminster recently received £100k in angel investment.

How did you hear about Digital Mission NYC?

I heard about it from a friend and fellow entrepreneur and I applied immediately.  The application process was so straightforward that there was no sense in not doing it.

Did you do much preparation before you went?

I set up a number of meetings with potential partnership businesses. When you’re a startup it can be difficult to get noticed by larger companies, particularly if you’re trying to communicate via email or phone but being able to go out under the Digital Mission banner and meet people in person was fantastic. 

When you were arranging meetings, do you think it made any difference being part of Digital Mission?

Yes it definitely opened doors. If I hadn’t been part of Digital Mission I wouldn’t have been able to achieve half the things I did while I was out there.

What other aspects of the trip were useful?

People working on the ground in the local market give the masterclasses and that makes them hugely valuable.  Lawyers, funders, other entrepreneurs; individuals who can give you a real insight into doing business in the US.

One of the most useful aspects though is meeting all the other entrepreneurs on the Digital Mission.  It’s so rewarding to be with like-minded people and share your experiences of being a start-up.  I made some great friendships and the spin-offs to those relationships continue to be hugely valuable.

Would you advise other startups to apply?

Absolutely. I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for Digital Mission NYC, I wouldn’t have achieved half the things I have subsequently done, Tweetminster, for example, probably wouldn’t exist were it not for that trip and UnLtdWorld would not be where it is today. I’d recommend it to any entrepreneurs that want to learn more about doing business in the US while meeting some like-minded individuals in an inspiring environment.