Companies attending Digital Mission to SXSWi, March '09

Digital Mission LogoDigital Mission is organised by Chinwag for UK Trade & Investment, enabling digital companies to expand into overseas markets and attract investment outside the UK.

Congratulations to the companies selected by the advisory board to attend the Digital Mission to SXSWi and listed amongst the 35 hottest digital SMEs in the UK.


Contact: dickonatamee [dot] cc (Dickon Ausden)Twitter

AMEE is neutral aggregation platform designed to map, measure and track all the energy data on Earth.

AMEE houses up-to-date international emissions factors and methodologies and provides a managed web service (API) that enables any organisation or individual to record and monitor their energy consumption and CO2 data.

Best BeforeBest Before Media Limited -

Contact: mark [dot] rockatbestbefore [dot] tv (Mark Rock)Twitter

Best Before Media develops audio & video toolsets & platforms that can be used to create the next generation of content for broadcasting - whether that’s on mobile, the web, local or good old fashioned TV.

BookingbugBookingBug -

Contact: gshoosmithatbookingbug [dot] com (Glenn Shoosmith )Twitter

BookingBug is an online hosted booking and reservation system for a wide range of businesses. It helps businesses manage their services, resources, availability, prices, classes or courses in one place and has customizable embeddable widgets to place that information in websites, social networks, business directories and community sites. For directory sites it offers valuable content as well as affiliate revenue for embedding businesses widgets.

CerosCeros -

Contact: dominic [dot] duffyatceros [dot] com (Dominic Duffy)

Combining the interactivity of the Web with the engagement of a magazine, Ceros represents the next generation of digital magazine and advertising platform. Launched in 2006 there are now over 700 magazine titles adopting the Ceros format, with over 15 new launches designed specifically to exist in Ceros format alone.

cxpartnerscxpartners -

Contact: giles [dot] colborneatcxpartners [dot] co [dot] uk (Giles Colborne)giles [dot] colborneatcxpartners [dot] co [dot] uk ( )Twitter

cxpartners creates fantastic user experiences with the latest thinking in usability, accessibility, information architecture and interaction design.

We help our clients understand and design interactive experiences for their customers all over the world.

Put simply, we transform our clients’ products, making them easier and more enjoyable to use. -

Contact: wladimiratdpivision [dot] com (Wladimir Baranoff-Rossine)Twitter

We're a British software development and web design studio who specialise in creating engaging, functional and productive websites. Aside from crafting beautiful user interfaces, we've also developed some award-winning software to help businesses run better online. Our products are Tradingeye XHTML/CSS Shopping Cart & CMS and CannyBill - Invoicing, billing & web hosting automation.

Ensembliensembli -

Contact: mikeatensembli [dot] com (Michael Wheatley )mikeatensembli [dot] com ( )Twitter

ensembli automatically collects new information about the topics you specify. The more you use it, the more the results are personalized to you tastes. It takes seconds to set up, so you can be better informed without any fuss.

FacultasFacultas / Lyris UK -

Contact: kieranatfacultas [dot] co [dot] uk (Kieran Cooper)

Facultas is passionate about email.

We are a full service email marketing agency representing some of the biggest brands in retailing in the UK. Our reputation is built on a in-depth understanding of the value of email as a medium, and how it best integrates into a wider marketing strategy.

Harvest DigitalHarvest Digital -

Contact: mikeatharvestdigital [dot] com (Mike Teasdale)Twitter

Harvest is one of the largest independent digital marketing agencies in the UK – clients include Tesco, 3M, Autotrader and NatWest Bank. Through a joined up approach to media planning, search marketing, web design and user experience we create involving experiences for consumers and great results for our clients.

HubdubHubdub -

Contact: nigelathubdub [dot] com (Nigel Eccles) Twitter

Hubdub is a prediction market where people trade predictions on running news stories and future events. Over time users build up a portfolio of predictions (like a virtual stock portfolio) with its value rising and falling in response to real news events. Hubdub brings engagement to news stories with an average user generating over 400 page impressions per month (compared to about 8-10 for a typical news site). In March 2009 Hubdub will launch its partner functionality which will allow news sites to host their own highly engaging prediction markets.

InfuriousInfurious -

Contact: Philip Orr Twitter

Infurious is a young and dynamic company, focused on bringing interactive content to the Apple mobile platform. Our comic creation software and back end assembly process makes construction of mobile comic material a breeze. Readers can be supplied either as stand alone or fully skinned licensed applications available directly from the Apple AppStore. We’re all about bridging entertainment through comic content, games and the internet.

MixcloudMixcloud -

Contact: Nikhilatmixcloud [dot] com (Nikhil Shah) Twitter

Mixcloud is the "Youtube of Radio." Online radio currently lacks a central distribution channel - it is highly dispersed and therefore not fully exploited. Mixcloud aims to connect listeners to on-demand radio shows more effectively by building better tools to distribute, promote, share and discover the content.

Mobile PieMobile Pie -

Contact: richardatmobilepie [dot] co [dot] uk (Richard Wilson)

Hot out the oven, Mobile Pie specialise in creating entertainment for mobile devices.

Their award winning content (featuring everywhere from the iPhone and Android to J2ME and SMS) has mouths watering all over and people coming back for more.

Winner of Channel 4's New Mobile Game Developer of the Year award and the Media Innovation Award Trophy 2008, Mobile Pie know how to get people playing and keep people talking.

mydexMydex -

Contact: Iain [dot] hendersonatmydex [dot] org (Iain Henderson)

Mydex is a social enterprise whose purpose is to help individuals realise the value of their personal information.

MyrlMyrl -

Contact: Francesco [dot] dorazioatmyrl [dot] com (Francesco D’Orazio) Twitter

Myrl [My Real Life] is a cross-world gaming social network that brings different virtual worlds and their users together onto the web. We are building a layer on top of each virtual world, with the ultimate goal of linking them up to create an integrated playground with endless possibilities and applications.

NixonMcInnesNixonMcInnes -

Contact: willatnixonmcinnes [dot] co [dot] uk (Will McInnes) Twitter

NixonMcInnes do work on-line that makes a difference off-line. Specifically, their mission is to create authentic, powerful and long lasting unions between people and brands.

They do this through digital media today. They call this social media goodness. Current clients include C4, T-Mobile, CISCO, Oxfam, Co-op Financial Services and BMW.

PlebblePlebble -

Contact: willatplebble [dot] com (Will Paterson) is a website where consumers can rate and comment on the level of service and value for money provided by every business in the UK. Consumers ratings are used to help other consumers find the businesses that give the best service/value and avoid the worst.

Plebble also acts as an online meeting place between consumers and businesses, which helps businesses understand what their customers think of them and allows businesses to engage with their customers on a peer-to-peer level. Plebble has the dual benefit of helping consumers get better service and businesses gain from stronger loyalty and reputation.

ProofHQProofHQ -

Contact: mat [dot] atkinsonatproofhq [dot] com (Mat Atkinson)

ProofHQ is an online proofing application that streamlines the process of managing feedback, proofing and approvals. It is used by graphic designers, web designers, ad agencies, marketing departments, printers and pre-press companies. ProofHQ gives immediate time and cost savings. ProofHQ integrates easily with existing project management and other workflow systems.

RummbleRummble -

Contact: andrew [dot] scottatrummble [dot] com (Andrew Scott)andrew [dot] scottatrummble [dot] com ( )Twitter

Rummble makes it easy to find places to go nearby that you’ll like. Rummble works out who you trust for different things; restaurants, bars, points of interest. It’s the easiest way to create and share your favorite places anywhere in the world, on your mobile. Never forget, never miss out!

School of EverythingSchool of Everything -

Contact: peteratschoolofeverything [dot] com (Peter Brownell) Twitter

School of Everything connects people who want to learn with people who can teach in their local area. Founded in 2006, and already the winner of two awards, the company is backed by a group of angel investors as well as Channel 4 and the Young Foundation.

Six to StartSix to Start -

Contact: danatsixtostart [dot] com (Dan Hon) Twitter

Six to Start is a leading cross-platform entertainment and online game developer.

We create unique entertainment experiences that combine great storytelling with cutting-edge gameplay and immersion to bring rich, fun worlds to life to millions of people.

Our games run on one platform - the whole world.

skiveskive -

Contact: matthewatskive [dot] co [dot] uk (Matthew Don)

Skive works for a wide range of brands including Reebok, The Independent, Shell, Canon, BP, Pirelli, Beiersdorf AG and MSN. We are also a digital delivery partner for a number of other agencies such as TBWA London, AMV BBDO, Publicis and WCRS. We are a full service digital marketing agency. We do everything you'd expect a digital agency to do: strategy to creative to production, hosting and reporting - online advertising to global sales promotions, search marketing to serious Flash applications.

MovieStormShort Fuze (Moviestorm) -

Contact: jeff [dot] zieatmoviestorm [dot] co [dot] uk (Jeff Zie) 

Short Fuze makes Moviestorm, which is a suite of software tools, add-on content, and online services that provides a new form of self expression – “talk in video, not type in words. Embedding videogame technology and real film making experience, Moviestorm helps you create 3D animated movies in a fun and easy way. Video made can be broadcast, sent to mobiles, shared on social media, or just posted to video sites. Currently in "enthusiast release", this is the easiest way to create and share video blogs, stand-up comedy, karaoke, music video, dramatic stories, and self-advertising.

snagstaSnagsta -

Contact: phil [dot] hofmeyratsnagsta [dot] com (Phil Hofmeyr) Twitter

Snagsta is a recommendation site that uses lists of your favourites to help you find things you’ll like. It’s also a place where you can store your lists: from your favourite sushi restaurants in Manhattan, to Asia’s best beaches or great quotes for business speeches. Anything that comes to mind.

SplendidSplendid -

Contact: paulathowsplendid [dot] com (Paul Bishop)

Splendid are a digital innovation agency, we don’t sell design, style, build but more of an approach to design. The Splendid approach brings together great ideas with technical expertise and an obsession with delivering creative, quality work. Our focus on user-centered design plays an active role in growing our clients' business.

We work with leading brands such as Microsoft, eBay,, easyJet and Aston Martin in the UK and US to deliver great user experience that provides tangible business benefits. We also enjoy what we do a lot.

Tactile CRMTactile CRM - http://www.tactilecrm.comTwitter

Contact: jake [dot] strideatsenokian [dot] com (Jake Stride)Twitter

Tactile CRM is an easy, simple to use affordable web based CRM, sales & contact management system, designed for small businesses, by small businesses.

Companies can sign up for free at

The FilterThe Filter -

Contact: dmratthefilter [dot] com (David Maher-Roberts) Twitter

'The World of Entertainment, Filtered for You' - with the ever-increasing volume of digital entertainment comes the tyranny of too much choice. The Filter is a commercially proven, scaleable, personalized recommendations solution aimed at today's (& tomorrow's) digital entertainment consumer. With the rapid growth of this sector, personalized filtration of digital music, movies, web video, TV, etc., based on your own tastes, moods & consumption habits, will be the ONLY way that the 21st century consumer will sensibly be able to discover, select & enjoy content. Its unique algorithms drive a recommendation engine that combines with the benefits of a social network to deliver the best man & machine hybrid solution.

the iPlatformthe iPlatform -

Contact: joshattheiplatform [dot] com (Joshua March)Twitter

iPlatform provide social network integration technology to websites and digital agencies. Our proprietary technology allows websites to integrate with multiple social networks at once – allowing users to access the site within the social networks, and allowing the site to make use of highly targeted media spend, virality and user data.

Traffic DigitalTraffic Digital -

Contact: infoattrafficdigital [dot] com (Tom Salmon) Twitter

Traffic Digital Ltd is a digital agency specialising in entertainment and media, providing online marketing, websites and application design and build and ecommerce solutions. Clients include BBC, TalkbackThames, Shine TV adidas, Kudos, Roughcut TV, Aegis Media, Carat, Aftershow*, Warner Home Video and HBO.

VizimoVizimo -

Contact: simon [dot] stewardatvizimo [dot] com (Simon Steward)

Vizimo powers personalised TV with its breakthrough approach to understanding the "aboutness" of content, matching related content and profiling users' content interests. This capability enables service providers to blend broadcast and on-demand content and provide end users with a coherent experience across TV, web and mobile while at the same time driving new service revenues from enhanced advertising and increased consumption of premium content.

We7We7 -

Contact: cliveatwe7 [dot] com (Clive Gardiner)

We7 gives music fans unlimited Free and On-Demand access to listen to millions of great tracks from majors, independents and artists across all genres. Fans get free music, and rights owners and artists get paid by sharing We7's advertising revenues. Music fans can create personal playlists, easily share their favourites and buy the music they love at We7's m3p download store.

we are socialwe are social -

Contact: nathan [dot] mcdonaldatwearesocial [dot] net (Nathan McDonald) Twitter

We are a conversation agency. We help brands engage in social media by having meaningful conversations with people and igniting positive word of mouth.

Combining strategic, creative and technology skills with an innate sensibility for social media and a deep understanding of brands and marketing communications, our international team works with clients worldwide. -

Contact: henryatworkdigital [dot] co [dot] uk (Henry Mackintosh) Twitter

Workhound ( is Britain's largest online job search engine and was recognized by the Guardian as a top-ten job site. Additionally, with the UK's largest database of real-time recruitment offerings, the company's ( product provides a precise view of current employment pay.

WorldekaWorldeka -

Contact: charlieatworldeka [dot] com (Charlie Cox)Twitter

Worldeka is a platform of collaboration and social network for charities, NGO’s and activists aimed at engendering change offline. We also strive to innovate and inspire with videos, articles, petitions and links.

Pioneering humanitarian, environmental, and political development online Worldeka is the social network with a conscious.