Digital Mission Case Study: Tactile CRM

Tactile CRM

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Tactile CRM is a web based contact and sales management system for SMEs, small businesses and departments. It helps businesses organise their sales pipeline, contacts, notes, emails and activities in one place, and share information with colleagues.

Founder, Jake Stride was part of recent Digital Mission trips to New York in September '08 and SXSWi in March '09.

Can you give us an overview of the Digital Mission to New York '08?

It was a fantastic experience. Being part of Web 2.0 Expo means that you get to meet some really interesting tech start ups and share experiences. The Digital Mission team organise a series of masterclasses covering topics like ‘Doing Business in the US’, which are great if it’s your first move into expanding overseas. And just being part of the Digital Mission group gives you access to some key New York digital networking events and groups.

What do you see as the main benefits of being involved with Digital Mission?

Both the NYC and the SXSWi events were really beneficial but it different ways. For me personally NYC Digital Mission was more useful in a practical sense – as a small start up it’s great to meet up with other founders, experiencing the same challenges as me, and have the time and space to be able to discuss the issues of growing a tech business. 

SXSWi was more about making contacts. There is such a high density of people that it’s easy to network with some really interesting individuals. The main benefit of any Digital Mission though is the fact that you’re part of a high profile group – the connections that come from the network can be invaluable.

What advice would you give to anyone considering applying for Digital Mission?

The most important part is to plan your trip. Don’t just go and expect it all to happen, you have to make the effort beforehand to set up meetings, roughly plan your days and think about what you want to get out of it. As long as you do some pre planning, you’ll definitely find it a worthwhile investment of your time. And the social side of it isn’t bad either!