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Subject: Aftershock Apellets
From: Michael Greenberg
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 01:47:42 +0100

Well folks I am attempting to redo some real Java in Flash Java. Don't ask
why because it gets complicated.Okay you dragged it out of me. It conflicts
with another Java Apellet I wrote that calls out to a text file.

Anyway, has anyone tried to simulate one of those scrolling type of text
Java apellets? I will find out shortly and let everyone know where they can
see it.

Just curious on everyones take on this,

Michael Greenberg
Multimedia Developer/Shockwave Developer (Director,Flash,& Authorware)
Carlson Leisure Group
Project Manager of Mercavia Web Site
e-mail: mgreenbergatenquest [dot] com
macmikeatatl [dot] mindspring [dot] com
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