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Subject: Flash Jobs
From: Wayne Townsend
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 20:03:21 +0100

Hi guys,

We have contracts in the works now, and need to line up Flash interns, so
we can supply them.

Must have own hardware & available to work from home remotely. In other
words - dream job.

We're in Dallas, but geography is not a concern - talent is.

Mac & Win. Average pay works out to about $25 hour, but will increase if
you're fast. Will also increase if you're exceptionable, and have some
graphics (PhotoShop, Freehand, Illustrator) talent.

The work is cash cow, not out-of-this-world stylish. We're focused on
on-line training materials/presentations using Flash. This means
converting a lot of existing materials to Flash. These projects are much
larger than standard websites.

Pls register with me:

wayneatwebstaffing [dot] net

List urls of your work if you can.

This is no guarantee of employment, but it could definately work out for
both of us.

Best, thx,


Wayne Townsend
Dallas, Texas
US- 972.713.8705
waynetatTopher [dot] Net (mailto:waynetatTopher [dot] Net)
wayneatWebStaffing [dot] Net (mailto:wayneatWebStaffing [dot] Net)
gscatOnRamp [dot] Net

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