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Subject: Re: Doh!and First site/compatibility question
From: Matt Gitchell
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 16:25:58 +0100

Seven2000 wrote:

> As quoted from AOL:
> "The AOL4.0 preview is not yet available for members using Microsoft Internet
> Explorer web browser version 4.0. We expect to have this version of the AOL
> 4.0 Preview version available soon."
> Did you install the IE4.0 beta AFTER you upgraded AOL? According to AOL, it's
> not compatible.
> James

AOL 4.0 won't even let you install it if you have IE 4.0 on a Win box, so I'm
pretty sure that's not the problem folks are having.

Matt Gitchell
ersatz multimedia cat
mattgatnavidec [dot] com

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  Re: Doh!and First site/compatibility que, Seven2000

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