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Subject: RE: reaching the limits
From: Yalcin Yilmaz
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 02:27:37 +0100

Creating symbols will almost always reduce your overall file size. But are you talking about your fla file size or swf output file size?
Unless I'm going to use something only once, I always make it into a symbol. I'm not certain if under certain cases it might be more economical to just pop things into the frame.

>I have like 450 frames and like 225 keyframes. Each keyframe holds a new
>letter; it's only black and white. The total fla-size is 4,3 MB and when I
>try to export the movie, flash 3 often crashes. So, I thought maybe I can
>make a symbol from every letter of the alphabet. Is this a solution? Will it
>make the movie less in file-size.
>Regards Jan
>Jan van Boesschoten
>jvbatmediaplaza [dot] nl


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